Stradivarius has the most beautiful, cheap and stylish knit vests in its new collection


The first bets of the new Stradivarius collection for this season our essential purchases continue to increase. We already have the trend jeans that make you slimmer and that are sold out without stopping. Also the cheap coat available in four colors from the Inditex firm that does not need a discount.

And of course, one of these could not be missing from our list knitted vests that are going to sweep between the trends from here to spring. On the Stradivarius website we have counted up to 5 new and different models for each style and we don’t know which one to choose.

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But to make it easier, we have divided them into two designs: one oversize and baggy in neutral tones like black and white, and other tight, short, with a retro-seventies air, with a diamond pattern and the most colorful.

For the most sober and sophisticated, the first option does not fail. It’s about a XXL vest with a v-neckline, armhole sleeves and ribbed finishes with a subtle white, gray and black striped print. An ideal garment to combine with absolutely everything: with white shirts, with fine turtleneck sweaters, with suit pants, with jeans, with skirts … you’ll be right! This one in particular costs 25.99 euros and is available in all sizes from XS to L.

The second option shows us a totally opposite design that only girls who dare to combine the more striking colors. CroppedFitted with a V-neckline and a diamond pattern, this vest is created to add color to our wardrobe. The most subtle version is this one with the background in ecru with green and blue tones, but there are three other multicolored ones that will not go unnoticed. they cost 19.99 euros and is available from XS to XL.

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