Spring / summer 2021 sandals: trends and models


From sporty slippers to heeled flip-flops, passing through mules and gladiators, i sandals for spring / summer 2021 they adapt to every style need and are dressed in contemporary shapes and bright colors.

For the day wins the comfort and the practicality, now indispensable elements after months of lockdown at home, opting for super flat sandals and low shot. While for the evening you can return to enjoy carefree moments wearing sandals with heels adorned with shimmering details and laces that wrap around the ankles.

About heels, the latest trends dictated on the catwalk suggest not to dare with heights. In fact, the protagonists of the summer will be the sandals with medium and square heels that give comfort and practicality to every step, while other models of sandals will be enriched by heels with sculptural and geometric shapes for an eccentric and refined style.

From Chiara Ferragni’s glam slippers to accessible trends, let’s see which are the trendy sandals models for spring / summer 2021.

Spring / summer 2021 sandals: sporty slippers

If before they were worn exclusively by the pool just before diving into a long session of pools, now they become the glamorous footwear with which to walk around the city, go to the beach or to wear at home. The slippers, borrowed from the world of athleisure fashion, they are among the trendy sandals of the summer.

Open toe, voluminous sole in non-slip rubber and a minimalist style are the essential characteristics of sporty slippers with a comfy and ultra soft mood. Among the most popular models of the moment, the Yeezy Slide of Adidas worn by Chiara Ferragni in one of his recent shots posted on Instagram together with a pair of white socks and a total black jumpsuit.

A cool outfit that opens the way to numerous combinations to be created inspired by the style of a tourist on vacation with the terry sock even when temperatures are rising.

Non-slip women’s slippers

Rubber slippersRubber slippers

Ideal for leisure

The slippers with non-slip soles are among the trendiest summer 2021 sandals models to be worn with sportswear or in a casual look consisting of jeans and t-shirts. Without forgetting a pair of terry socks.

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Spring / summer 2021 sandals: flat models

sandals spring / summer 2021Zara flat sandals

THE flat sandals represent one of the trendy footwear models of spring / summer 2021. Their peculiarity consists in being equipped with one ground level sole which gives comfort and practicality to every step and can be equipped with straps is bands that keep the foot firmly in place.

THE flat sandalsin addition, they have a versatile style that can adapt to any occasion. In fact, this type of low shoe can be combined with a palazzo trousers to create a casual chic outfit to wear for a day at work or together with a long dress for a party or a social event.

The models to choose from are those equipped with straps or adorned with rhinestones in a jewel version, or in models slider that fit like a slipper. For example, the signed slider Hermés it is a concentrate of luxury and practicality to show off all day. While, among the accessible trends, Zara proposes a model with straps in suede with which to combine wide jumpsuits.

Flat and practical sole

Amazon Essentials Flat sandalsAmazon Essentials Flat sandals

Ideal for every day

The flat sandals are equipped with a low sole that guarantees comfort and practicality at every step. Wearing them with a pair of jeans or a long fresh cotton dress is the style choice with which to create casual chic outfits.

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Spring / summer 2021 sandals: flip flops with heels

A valid alternative to mules are the flip flops with heel which are confirmed as another type of must-have footwear for the summer. Declined in fluorescent and bright colors, the flip-flops with heels, are the sandals on which to invest to create colorful matching outfits or in color block with which to amaze.

A model within everyone’s reach is the one proposed by H&M with small heel and thin, perfect to combine with multi-colored flared trousers.

Flip flops with 5 cm heel

Flip-flops with heelFlip-flops with heel

Ideal for a party look

The flip flop with heel is a valid alternative to mules or sabots that gives a few centimeters in height, slimming the silhouette,

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Spring / summer 2021 sandals: gladiators

Inspired by the gladiators of Ancient Rome, when they were worn to fight, i gladiator sandals (also called “alla schiava”) are among the most popular models of sandals of the moment. It is a type of sandals revisited in a contemporary key but which winks at past eras, to evolve into models to be worn every day.

Equipped with long laces and strings that wrap around the ankle, they can be combined with colored blazers and miniskirts for a look halfway between the glamorous style and the practical city sense, or worn with a fresh and candid white linen dress for a boho chic style.

With straps that wrap around the ankle

Gladiator sandalsGladiator sandals

Gladiator style sandals

Gladiator sandals are footwear inspired by the Roman era, in particular the footwear used by gladiators, transformed into glamorous models to wear in every look.

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Medium heel sandals

sandals spring / summer 2021Medium heel sandals

Password: comfort. Speaking of footwear trends, fashion meets the needs of comfort and practicality by designing a series of versatile and passe-partout models. Among these, we find the sandals with medium heel and contained in height which confirm the summer trends of the moment among the models.

Thus, in no more than 5 cm of square or round heel, with bands and straps, it is possible to wear a sandal that will accompany every summer look.

5 cm heel

Steve Madden Sandal with medium heelSteve Madden Sandal with medium heel

Ideal to wear with a midi dress

Elegant and chic, the sandals with medium heels give a refined and refined style in a few centimeters of height. Ideal for any occasion, such as a day of work or a formal ceremony such as a wedding

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Spring / summer 2021 sandals: chunky sandals

sandals spring / summer 2021Chunky Stradivarius sandals

Inspired by the mythicals 90’s, i chunky sandals will dominate the scene this season. Declined in bright colors such as pink and lemon yellow or in fluorescent shades, they will give a colorful flash to every look. Equipped with sole in platform rubber and sometimes with knurling, they have comfortable velcro openings that make them easy to remove.

From more expensive models, such as sandals Chanel to the cheaper ones of fast-fashion fashion brands, chunky sandals are perfect to wear for a walk in the city or in the countryside, revealing their comfortable and practical nature.

A model to be inspired by are the sandals proposed by Stradivarius declined in shades of beige with high rubber sole and tear-off opening.

Thick rubber sole

Chunky sandalsChunky sandals

Ideal for long walks in the city or in the countryside

Halfway between a hiking shoe and a classic sandal, the chunky sandals have a high rubber sole and Velcro strap openings that make them comfortable to wear every day

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