Spring / summer 2020 haircuts: ideas and trends


The new year has started for a while now, and the new ones appear on the most important catwalks trends in fact not only of clothes but also of hairstyles. THE haircuts spring / summer 2020 they are bold, fresh and enjoy mixing novelty with the classics of the past. Certainly the most popular cut is short behind, even a lot, and longer in front.

First of all to inaugurate this trendy cut in Italy Ambra Angiolini, who positively surprised with a hair long in front, short in back and with the middle line. Like her, many Italian and international stars have also chosen a trendy look, from which to take inspiration. Not just short hair for this 2020 season, which also sees long and medium cuts return, strictly better if disheveled.

Long haircuts for spring / summer 2020

Let’s start to discover the trends of this spring summer in terms of hair long. In fact, a drastic choice is not necessary for those who want to continue wearing long hair, who can instead opt for one of the following looks.

1. Wet effect

hair cutsSource: Web

In the spring / summer 2020 haircuts a constant appears: thewet look. In vogue in the 90s, it had been abandoned and this year returns to reign. The wet effect gives long hair a more rock and elegant result at the same time. The cut is long, better without obvious scaling, with a central line. The choice can go from a straight hair, even if in this period the waves, soft or saucy, win.

2. Wavy with side tuft

haircuts spring summer 2020Source: Web

An alternative for those who wear long hair is a more classic and refined cut. We are talking about the wavy hair. The special feature of this season will be a abundant tuft, which contours the face, and the side line. The lower this is, the better, to give even more the effect of the tuft.

This cut is beautiful and not difficult to wear, not least because it can be adorned with accessories useful as well as cute, such as hairpins, rhinestones and clothespins, come back in fashion.

Short haircuts for spring / summer 2020

Those who wear the short hair or wants to do a new cut, has several choices in 2020. We know that in the hottest seasons of the year having short hair can be not only a good style choice, but also a blessing to resist the heat. They may also be more difficult to carry, but not these alternatives that we show you.

1. Long in front and short in back

short hair cutsSource: Web Photo by Christian Vierig for Ermanno Scervino

The must for this spring / summer 2020 in terms of hair is a short cut in the back and longer in the front. Short hair, called in the world of hairstylists pixie cut is all the rage this year, but with a novelty: instead of being all the same size, the hair is lengthening into a tuft on the forehead which can be worn with a central or side line, but without the fringe. A refined cut, which takes up the past but in a completely new way and is extremely trendy and fresh.

2. Short climbed

haircuts spring summer 2020Source: Pinterest @ acconciature.club and archzine.it

Short hair is asymmetrical, with large tufts or fringes. The pixie cut climbed gives volume and an elegant and rock look at the same time. For the warm season, i tufts e the fringes. Longer fringe that accompanies the look by better contouring the face, or a large side tuft, always scaled and disheveled.

Cuts for medium hair spring / summer 2020

As we have seen, the rules for hair in spring summer 2020 are volume and disheveled. This also applies especially to hair with medium cuts. The bob cut that reaches below the ears or up to the shoulders is certainly the trendiest choice for this season.

1. Much climbed

haircuts spring summer 2020Source: Web

To ensure the bulkiness, a medium trend cut is very scaled, not only with straight and wavy hair, but also with curls. There scaling A slightly disheveled but very chic style is important to ensure the natural effect. The hair is straight or wavy, and reaches to the shoulders, with a tuft or side parting to give more volume.

2. Wavy bob cut

haircuts spring summer 2020Source: Web

The famous helmet, or bob cut, this year will be one of the most popular, especially held moved is voluminous. A choice of style, as well as comfortable for those who want to cut their long hair and lighten their hair. A perfect cut for the hair too curly. The choice can fall on a cut net or climbed, the important thing is that a little volume is guaranteed and the effect is not too falling.

3. Bangs

haircuts spring summer 2020Source: Web

Always a cut that arouses ambivalent opinions, the bangs it’s a classic that never completely disappears. In this spring / summer 2020 we see a return of the bangs on short and medium hair. A bob that can even reach almost to the shoulders better if it is wavy and disheveled, accompanied by a medium-length fringe.

Let’s see what cuts celebrities have chosen and some looks from which to take inspiration for spring / summer 2020.

Spring / summer 2020 haircuts: short behind, long in front and the choices of celebrities


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