Spray socks: what they are, how to use them and 3 products


The socks they have always been a cross and a delight for every woman: the most attentive to bon ton always recommend wearing them, even in summer – the women of the English Royal Family know something about it, who wear them in every season – while some have nightmares just at the thought to wear i flesh-colored tights, providing in the wardrobe only and exclusively the black opaque stockings.

Then there are some brave ones who, even during the winter season, challenge the bad weather by going out with bare legs and vertiginous heels or who dares with knee-highs.

But how to do it during the summer season, when in fact the mere mortals who are not Kate Middleton have an infernal heat but would still like to cover the small imperfections of the legs, or to standardize their color to that of the rest of the body, perhaps more exposed to the sun ?

An excellent solution could be the spray socks. Have you ever heard about it?

What are spray socks?

Said this way, it might seem like magic, something that, a bit like Spiderman does to launch his cobwebs, “launches” on the legs and magically transforms itself into pantyhose.

In reality everything is (obviously) much simpler: spray socks are products similar to real ones foundation in spray format, as the name suggests, not to be confused with self-tanners, since they do not act on melanin, but only give a long-lasting, no-transfer veil of color, which disappears as soon as you take a shower.

What are spray socks for?

Who uses spray socks? Above all, as mentioned, those who want to hide the small imperfections of the legs, such as broken capillaries, bruises, or a folliculitis.

If until a few years ago the choice was limited to very few brands or foundation for body and face, today more and more brands have decided to focus on this particular type of product, which over time has therefore become even more targeted and designed for certain characteristics. : there are in fact spray socks with moisturizing effect, or firming.

Above all, spray socks have now become a product suitable for all price ranges.

Spray socks: 6 tips

Obviously, the main fear of those who are preparing to use spray socks is that of stain clothes or even sofas and armchairs; it is clear that, over time, as mentioned, the producers have become more and more careful, even if a small percentage of risk, just like for the foundation, is always there.

To learn how to best use the spray socks, however, you can follow these small tricks:

1. Maintain proper distance when spraying

Always apply the product keeping a distance of about 20 cm, with the bottle well kept in vertical position.

2. Let it dry

Arm yourself with patience for two or three minutes and let it dry before putting on clothes, remembering that the product can be removed simply with soap and water. In general, however, yes not recommend to use the spray sock with a White dress.

3. Do not use oils or creams

In order for the product to adhere better to the skin, it is advisable not to use products that have a greasy base, such as creams or oils, before applying the spray sock. The no transfer effect, in fact, in this way could be lost.

4. Choose easily washable environments

Since we are talking about a product that is in spray format, it would be better to vaporize it in environments where there are easily washable surfaces, such as the inside of a shower, for example.

5. Use a make-up fixer

If you want to make sure that the spray socks have a better hold, you can use a make-up fixing spray.

6. Don’t forget your daily skincare

Even if we talk about legs, their care should not be neglected, just as you would not do it with the other parts of the body. The skin, before application, must therefore be smooth, hydrated and clean.

Spray socks, 3 products to buy

These are, in our judgment, the three best products currently out there and available on Amazon.

Diego dalla Palma Spray Socks

Diego dalla Palma Spray Socks

Diego Dalla Palma’s spray socks do not stain, have excellent coverage and are especially suitable for medium-light skin.

€ 26 on Amazon


  • It does not stain
  • It is not overly heavy

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Pupa Legs Spray Foundation

Pupa Legs Spray Foundation

A highly covering leg make-up by Pupa.

€ 19 on Amazon

22 € you save 3 €


  • Highly covering
  • Color that adapts perfectly to the skin

Sally Hansen Airbrush Spray Clear Leg Makeup Shine

Sally Hansen Airbrush Spray Clear Leg Makeup Shine

A spray sock with make-up effect for the legs, water resistant, which covers all imperfections.

€ 16 on Amazon


  • It covers freckles, veins and blemishes
  • Waterproof

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