Split ends: remedies, masks and how to prevent them


Every woman has a sworn enemy when it comes to hair: split ends, those final strands that seem burnt and dull. What do they depend on?

What are split ends and why do they form?

Split ends are a problem also known as tricoptilosis, and are structural alterations of the hair: in fact, in the long run, the cuticle that surrounds the hair shaft flakes off, causing deterioration of the hair, which therefore presents itself with the forked terminal part, characterized by the typical brittle, opaque, dry and fragile.

There are many causes of split ends, which can depend on:

  • Chemical treatments: we are talking about colors, bleaches, perms and highlights, which over time undermine the health of our hair. This is why it is important to opt for products that are as natural as possible.
  • Use of straightener and hairdryer: Excessive heat compromises the integrity of the hair stem. Hair dryer, curling iron or straightener should be used to a limited extent, at a medium-low temperature, thus avoiding daily use.
  • Excessive brushing: in the long run even the brush wears the hair, contributing to its deterioration.
  • Frequent washing: Sometimes we think that washing our hair every day helps us keep it clean and healthy, but it’s a common mistake to avoid.
  • UV rays: even prolonged exposure to sunlight or tanning lamps favors the formation of split ends.
  • Chlorine and salt: the sea is beautiful, but the salt has a deleterious effect on our hair, as does the chlorine in swimming pools. For this reason, it is important to rinse your hair after a bath.
  • Wrong diet: even the wrong diet, as well as cigarette smoking, contribute to the weakening of the hair.

4 remedies for split ends

How can we eliminate this widespread and annoying problem? There are many remedies, also natural, with which we can at least keep the problem under control.

1. The cut

The best solution to eliminate split ends is cut your hair, at least to the extent affected by the problem. If, on the other hand, you want to try to run for cover before the irreparable, avoiding the tick, you can try to opt for home remedies.

2. Natural masks and packs

An excellent idea for restoring hair health is the diy masks, moisturizers and emollients, which can be prepared at home using readily available ingredients. Some examples?

  • The shea butter, a substance that nourishes, soothes, softens;
  • the vegetable oils (almond, olive, jojoba or flax), which have emollient, softening and elasticising properties.
  • the plain yogurt, which gives the right hydration by nourishing the hair and therefore helps to repair damage and dryness;
  • the eggs, which are a source of proteins capable of polishing brittle hair.

Finally, you can prepare honey-based compresses, with remarkable moisturizing properties, with vitamins and mineral salts that ensure vigor, strength and protection to the hair.

3. The straightener that “heals” split ends

They also exist on the market plates able to eliminate split ends, like these that we propose below.

Split-Ender Hair Clipper for Double Tips

Split-Ender Hair Clipper for Double Tips

A straightener designed to eliminate only split ends, without affecting the length of the hair, with professional salon results.

€ 209 on Amazon


  • Professional results
  • Eliminates split ends while protecting hair health


  • It has a German plug and needs an adapter

You are about to be redirected to the requested page.

Split Ender Mini Hair Clipper

Split Ender Mini Hair Clipper

A mini straightener that eliminates split ends, without threads, and is practical and easy to handle.

115 € on Amazon


  • Preserve the length of the hair by cutting only the split ends
  • Wireless


  • The improvements are not always visible

4. Velotherapy

Are we talking about an effective and healthy method? We have discussed it in this article, highlighting some critical issues.

How to prevent split ends? 6 useful tips

The password, as mentioned, is avoid stressing your hair. As a first step, therefore, you will have to:

  1. Try to to limit at most the use of all those heat sources that can damage the health of the hair, making it weaker: reduce the use of hair dryers, straightening plates or curling irons to a minimum.
  2. Do not comb your hair when it is wet, or if you really can’t resist, use a wide-toothed comb and, if you are a lover of tails and chignons, use soft rubber bands that do not traumatize the hair.
  3. Before proceeding with the drying of the hair it is important to apply a product that suits them protect from heat.
  4. Avoid, as far as possible, products chemists.
  5. Prefer brushes with natural bristles.
  6. Take care of the beauty routine of your hair with packs and masks that help moisturize and strengthen the hair.

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