Solid perfume: how to use it, the best and the do-it-yourself


Perfume is one of those accessories that many of us cannot give up, perhaps because after a lunch in a restaurant or on a particular occasion we feel the need to freshen up a bit.

Except that carrying a bottle of perfume in a bag or pocket is anything but practical, so brands have slowly geared up to allow everyone to always have some of their favorite fragrance with them, without difficulty.

They did this by devising, for example, i hair perfumes, which then can also be used for the rest of the body, or i solid perfumes.

Especially the latter are enjoying great success. But what is it about?

How is solid perfume made?

The name itself suggests it, we are talking about a perfume in solid form, one tile of concentrate alcohol-free, which does not vaporize, does not disperse in the environment, but is enclosed in a container that preserves its aroma.

In this way an eco-sustainable choice is also made, since the alcohol contained in classic perfumes, as mentioned, does not disperse in the air.

How do you use solid perfume?

The solid perfume is applied by taking a small amount with your fingers, which automatically heats up in contact with the heat of the skin.

The important thing is not to take it in excessive quantities, precisely because it should be placed in those areas of the body that are hottest, or where the blood flows more superficially, such as behind the ear, on the wrists or on the neck.

Advantages of solid perfume

Solid perfume has several positive sides which, in some respects, also make it more affordable than classic perfume.

One of the first positives is definitely the price: the solid perfume costs less than the usual fragrance, but in the traditional liquid version; generally the price of these perfumes is around 20 or 30 euros.

Being in a compact form it also tends to last longer, because it spreads on the skin, penetrating the epidermis more than what can be done with vaporization.

Everyone will have happened to no longer feel the perfume that was given to us a short time before; this happens because the perfume vaporizer tends to disperse most of the fragrance in the environment, while the solid perfume allows you to locate exactly the point where you want perfume, without waste.

As it is not liquid, you can also take it in the cabin of the plane, which is no small thing if you have to make trips that require only hand luggage.

DIY solid perfume

Even if the main manufacturers have now made their solid perfumes, and there are many bio and vegan versions on the market, you can make a solid perfume even at home. Doing so is simple, and requires few ingredients. This is one of the recipes for making your favorite solid perfume.

  • 4 g of beeswax;
  • 8 g of shea butter;
  • 12 g of almond oil;
  • 20 drops of our favorite fragrance.


  1. For this preparation we must pour the ingredients into a bowl one at a time, after having weighed them with a special dispenser.
  2. Then we have to transfer the compote into a saucepan full of water, letting it melt over low heat in a bain-marie. Let’s remember to mix all the time with a wooden ladle, while the heat will slowly begin to melt all the elements.
  3. Remove from the heat once the ingredients have all melted well.
  4. We must therefore prepare glass or metal containers with hermetic closure, to pour the mixture inside.
  5. We then add the drops of the fragrance we have chosen. Of course, we can also divide the mixture into multiple containers and apply a different fragrance to each.
  6. We mix well and let it solidify in the air.

Once ready we can take our solid perfumes with us, or decide to give them to whoever we want. A low cost, simple and eco-sustainable idea.

The best solid perfumes to buy online

1. Tuknon solid perfume

Tuknon Natural Solid Perfume

Tuknon Natural Solid Perfume

Completely natural, non-toxic, free of chemicals, Tuknon is the solid perfume great for excessive sweating and body odor, really effective deodorant that is good for you!

€ 12 on Amazon


  • Effective protection
  • It lasts a long time


  • The fragrance is not very strong

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2. Portable solid scent

Portable solid perfume

Portable solid perfume

Practical and convenient, the naturally lasting fragrance allows you to have a touch of freshness always at hand.

€ 14 on Amazon


  • Without ethanol
  • Suitable for all skin types

3. Long lasting fragrance

Long lasting refreshing solid scent

Long lasting refreshing solid scent

Two solid perfumes to combine together, with a light long-lasting rose fragrance.

€ 10 on Amazon


  • Light aroma
  • Two solid creams, which can be combined and which also retain the fragrance for a longer period of time.

4. Double layer solid scent

Double layer men's perfume

Double layer men’s perfume

With a fragrance of Morning Pine and notes of orange, grapefruit, pepper, geranium, this solid perfume for men is practical and long-lasting, suitable to wear on any occasion.

€ 14 on Amazon


  • Portable dual core solid perfume
  • Natural beeswax to retain the fragrance.

5. Solid scent with wood fragrance

Solid perfume for men Wood fragrance

Solid perfume for men Wood fragrance

This masculine solid perfume is made in a practical portable packaging, and has notes of tea, bitter orange, bergamot, rose, jasmine, musk, ambergris

€ 9 on Amazon


  • Mini size
  • Made from vegetable serum

6. Solid perfume for men

Solid Perfume for Men

Solid Perfume for Men

A solid perfume for men with an elegant packaging, with fresh lemon, grape seeds, olive, lavender, sandalwood.

€ 17 on Amazon


  • Perfume with gift box
  • Duration 18 hours

Original article published on February 15, 2021

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