Solid cosmetics for face, body and hair: what they are and how to use them


You’ve heard a lot about it and for a very good reason: solid cosmetics like shampoo bars, soap bars and toothpaste tablets are – probably – the sustainable future of cosmetics. Are you sure you really know everything about why to choose them and how to use and store them? At the end of the article a selection of our favorite super green solid products

They set trends and save the environment: solid shampoos, face and body soaps, scrubs, toothpastes and solid perfumes are now a must-have. A real return of the classic soap and a beauty with an old school flavor, but also the very embodiment of innovations in beauty. Solid cosmetics, in fact, are the solution to countless problems and, above all, to the issue of sustainability. The solid formulas, in fact, are perfect for reducing packaging to a minimum and facilitating the recycling of packages, which can be made in cardboard or, simply, with fabric. Excellent allies of waterless beauty, solid and “naked” cosmetics are ideal for a smart approach to beauty and, above all, to reduce the environmental impact of your beauty routine. Without sacrificing performance, of course.

Solid cosmetics: why choose them for your beauty routine

The best reason to transform your beauty ritual and give solid cosmetics a chance is to make your beauty routine zero waste. It is not just about avoiding the waste of plastic, but also about limit CO2 emissions during transport. Without elaborate bottles, in fact, it is much easier to pack and transport products, inevitably reducing the number of trucks needed and, consequently, emissions. Furthermore, being solid and compact, these cosmetics can be easily protected with paper, the easiest material to recycle. Furthermore, since it does not contain water the formulas result more concentrated and cosmetics that are easier to store. The main consequence is less product waste, good for you and good for the environment.

How to use solid products?

Whether it’s a shampoo, scrub or facial cleanser, the right way to use solid cosmetics is to treat them as simple bars of soap. To activate them, just lightly moisten your hands or rub them on wet skin. In the case of perfumes or deodorants, on the other hand, it will be sufficient to apply them directly on the skin with a slight pressure or, if necessary, pick them up with your fingers. There are several products, then, which simply have to be dissolved in hot water, such as bath bombs or some restructuring hair treatments. Solid products in the form of tablets, such as toothpaste, finally, simply have to be crushed.

Store solid cosmetics properly

Almost all solid beauty products are activated through water and put directly in contact with the skin. Here because It is important to thoroughly rinse the product after using it to prevent germs and bacteria from entering. Translated: keep your solid cosmetics out of the shower. To keep the products always fresh, simply use a soap holder that can keep moisture away and prevent the dough from melting. The ideal is to choose a material such as wood, sustainable and reusable indefinitely.

Solid cosmetics – the best to try

Facial cleansing is a daily gesture, so a lot of delicacy is needed. With damask rose, the Gentle Face Bar by NAE Linea Purezza is perfect for the planet and for the skin.

With 98% of ingredients of natural origin, the solid soap with charcoal by Sephora Collection is the ideal solution to exfoliate the skin. In contact with water, it releases a rich and delicate foam, capable of cleansing the face and leaving it clean and soft.

The Velvety Shower Gel by Officina Naturae is the ideal solid product to nourish the skin during the shower, cleaning it gently. To be rubbed lightly on the skin, it is the perfect remedy to forget the feeling of dryness after a shower.

With grapefruit, Himalayan pink salt and menthol crystals, Zing! by Lush combines the benefits of tropical verbena essential oil with a blend of grapefruit, Sicilian mandarins and menthol to freshen the breath.

An alcohol-free and very fragrant wax is the basis of L’Ombre Dans L’Eau Solid Perfume. Simply apply it with your fingertips on the neck and wrists to reveal the green, fruity and floral accents of the Dyptique fragrance.

The Aromachologie solid shampoos by L’Occitane are a green novelty based on essential oils. Super foamy and with a delicious scent, they are free of silicone and sulfates and, therefore, perfect for washing hair while respecting the scalp and the environment. With a packaging made of 100% recycled paper, they are easily biodegradable and perfect as solid cosmetics.

Definitely innovative, Nudo Naturemade’s solid and natural detergent is vegan, free of microplastics and 100% made in Italy. A cleansing and makeup remover formula, ideal for removing makeup and cleaning the skin. The merit goes to the peach blossom extract – with antioxidant and detoxifying properties – and almond oil, to leave the skin hydrated and soft.

Christophe Robin’s solid shampoo takes care of the hair with a completely natural formula. Suitable for all hair types, it contains a blend of aloe vera, castor oil and glycerin, a perfect combination to gently remove impurities without altering the balance of the scalp.

Sodico cosmetics from the Naturaverde line are a true ally of natural and conscious beauty. A complete line of 6 references to meet all skin needs: the Refreshing Lavender Vegetable Soap, for example, is ideal for protecting and cleansing the skin every day, making it soft and velvety with an intense and fresh lavender scent .

With beeswax, Jo Malone’s Nectarine Blossom & Honey Solid Perfume is the perfect solution to perfume the skin with a delicate fragrance.

Bottega Verde Solid Body Scrub is the solid, exfoliating and cleansing cosmetic suitable for smoothing the skin of the whole body, thanks to 99% of ingredients of natural origin. In the formula, roasted coffee powder with exfoliating action and Shea butter to give silkiness and softness.

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