Social networks become the source of divine inspiration if you are looking for a fantasy makeup


The world of makeup lives its best moment: series like Euphoria, characters like Lucy Boynton or even signatures like Fenty by Rihanna they have helped girls dare to look more and more a striking look full of color. The eyes not only dress with bold shadows in bright colors: accompany the rhinestones creations or create a geometric effect are some of the most demanded techniques Today. Today we review the social networks to select nine proposals that could inspire you if you are looking for something "different".

Without fear of the strident colors

Whether with a multicolored effect with all the colors of the rainbow or by choosing two very different tones that contrast with each other, this option is perfect for those who want to add fun to the final styling with style.

Far from getting a makeup suitable only for Carnival, the result is wonderful (but literally).

Do you dare to dress your look with rhinestones?

In addition to betting on geometric shapes in opposite colors, there are makeups that climb a step in originality and add rhinestones (strass, metal balls or even pearls).

As an eyeliner or bordering the entire eye, more and more girls are showing us the total success of choosing one of these proposals.

In addition, the "most basic" makeups seen in Euphoria are the most euphoria (worth the redundancy) have caused in social networks.

Originality in the form of stickers

For all those who want to get rid of the rest of the girls, the stickers kind tattoo for cool eyelids … and a lot.

Innovate with your eyeliner

Less is more and here is a great example: with a simple eyeliner (in strident color) we can achieve a perfect effect for all those who want everything with very little. Make the shape of eyeliner thick and leave it empty inside, you will succeed.

Which of these proposals do you stay with?

Photos | Instagram @abbeystockwell

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