Soap brows: how to make them, products and 9 looks


If the 2000s were those of very fine eyebrows, starting from a couple of years they are now reasserting themselves thick and well defined eyebrows, which are very reminiscent of the 90s (you know the first video clips of Madonna?) and which, in recent times, have been well interpreted by Cara Delevingne, to quote perhaps the most famous “exponent” of thick eyebrows.

After all, you know, trends are not only valid for clothing, but also for hair style, make-up and, in this case, for the eyebrows, in fact, which are able to give definition to the face, very often giving even the illusion of changing the characteristics of a person; try it for yourself: compare a photo of you (if you have any) with fine eyebrows and then one with the eyebrows that you are probably wearing now. The result will certainly be surprising.

In particular, in recent times the trend seems to have only one name: soap brows. What are we talking about?

Soap brows: what are they?

Literally the meaning of the term is “soap eyebrows”, or, rather, soapy: soap brows, the real trend for eyebrows this season, are in fact disciplined, perfect, shiny, as if they were combed hair after hair, and represent the trend that even the cosmetic companies are following with passion.

Even on social networks, many girls use the dedicated hashtag #soapbrows, and there is even a brand that has exactly this motto, signed by West Barn Co.

The intent of the soap brows is to define, sculpt and outline every single hair, to obtain an impeccable “combed” effect.

How are soap browsers made?

The watchword, in the case of soap browsers, is undoubtedly thicken: every cosmetic house, in fact, has in its collection at least one pencil, a mascara, a gel, or temporary tattoos, to perfectly define and draw the eyebrows, which give the effect of having a perfectly framed look.

Making perfect soap browsers is anything but complicated: it is enough to have one available bar of soap, to be used as a fixative instead of the normal eyebrow gel. Professional make-up artists prefer soap to the latter because the former has a stronger grip on the single hair, and of course it is also much easier to use (not to mention the economic factor).

To make your soap browsers, all you have to do is arm yourself with a comb-brush, passing it on the soap, being careful to moisten it well. Then it is sufficient to pass the brush between the eyebrows, combing them and fixing them well, so as to arrange them according to the effect that best suits us and that we are looking for. We can be sure that the soap will keep the eyebrows steady for a long time, resisting even temperature changes.

The only precaution to keep in mind is that the soap must have a component of glycerine, an essential ingredient to guarantee the hold necessary to show off your perfect eyebrows.

However, there are also several products that can help you achieve the desired result, but, before continuing, it is important to always remember one thing: let’s talk about eyebrows which, in fact, they do not exist, and which are exclusively the result of a work of make-up and, consequently, of artifice. No worries or despair if our natural brows don’t look like those of Bella Hadid: this is completely normal.

Soap brows: 4 products to make them

As mentioned, the world of cosmetics offers many products to make perfect soap brows; here we have selected four, which you can easily find on Amazon.

Lavera Eyebrow Care Gel

Lavera Eyebrow Care Gel

Lavera natural cosmetics use 100% natural ingredients to ensure that our products are as effective as they are gentle on the skin.

€ 9 on Amazon


  • 100% certified natural cosmetics with plant-based ingredients, plant extracts and oils of organic origin
  • 100% silicone, paraffin and mineral oil free products

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Rimmel Mascara Eyebrow Gel Brow This Way

Rimmel Mascara Eyebrow Gel Brow This Way

Brow This Way Gel by Rimmel London shapes, fills and corrects the brows for a fantastic natural and well-groomed look. A great 2in1 product: the hint of color adds depth and definition to the brows, while the incredibly light gel sets for a long time.

6 € on Amazon

9 € you save 3 €


  • It defines, fills and fixes
  • Ultra light texture that does not stick and lasts a long time


  • Not everyone finds it very fixing

l'Oréal Paris Plump & Set By Brow Artist Eyebrow Mascara

l’Oréal Paris Plump & Set By Brow Artist Eyebrow Mascara

Plump Set by Brow Artist is the non-transfer water and smudge-proof eyebrow mascara. The small fiber comb allows even the less experienced to easily apply the product on all types of eyebrows.

€ 9 on Amazon

10 € you save 1 €


  • Long lasting
  • Waterproof
  • Precision brush for easy application


  • It has no particular negative sides

NYX Professional Makeup Bare with Me Hemp Eyebrow Fixer

NYX Professional Makeup Bare with Me Hemp Eyebrow Fixer

Bare With Me Hemp is great for combing, styling and setting eyebrows. This formula, enriched with sativa hemp seed oil extracts and with a transparent finish, gives a long-lasting hold, without being sticky. The thin brush allows an easy and precise application.

€ 7 on Amazon

8 € you save 1 €


  • Enriched with sativa hemp seed oil
  • Equipped with a thin brush for precise application

9 looks with soap brows to inspire you

Lucy Hale, the aforementioned Cara Delevingne, Bella Hadid: the stars (but not only) always offer different ideas when it comes to trends, and eyebrows are of course no exception. So here are some looks, vip and not, to be inspired by for your perfect soap brows.

Soap brows: how to make Instagram model soap effect eyebrows

Source: instagram @vitaminbrowsoap

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