Soak off for a perfect manicure: use and products

Soak off, manicure perfetta a metà tra gel e semipermanente

The method of soak off it is one of the most used for manicure: it is an innovative technique for flawless nails and manicured hands, which allows the nail polish to last for a long time and, above all, has the advantage of being able to remove it easily. The soak off products are not only used by nail artists, but are also on sale for the passionate or for the more experienced who decide to try with do-it-yourself, purchasing the necessary equipment to proceed comfortably at home with the application.

Soak off: what is it?

The soak off enamels are characterized by a particularly uniform color rendering and by a long lasting on the nail. The product is softer and less dense than the gel and, unlike the semi-permanent, removal is facilitated.

These enamels, in fact, are designed to be removed with very little effort and without stressing the nail by rubbing the file on its surface. Instead, we use a specific solvent, in which to dip the nails and then remove the product.

Soak off products: how are they used?

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The soak off is a middle ground between semi-permanent nail polish and gel reconstruction. It is applied like a classic nail polish, but has a less dense and thick consistency. It must first be carefully spread on the nail, in a homogeneous and smooth layer, and then move on to the drying phase under the specific lamp, to fix it (at least one minute).

It is easily removed by dissolving it with a special solvent, which is true that it avoids filing of the nail, but is still rather aggressive.

Soak off: how do you remove it?

Specifically, for the soak off nail polish removal procedure you need: the specific solvent, a bowl, cotton, aluminum foil, vaseline or protective cream, a cotton swab, a wooden stick. We proceed like this:

  • spread petroleum jelly or protective cream around the skin, because the solvent is quite aggressive; help yourself with the cotton swab to distribute it even in the delicate area of ​​the cuticles, but without touching the surface of the nails;
  • fill the bowl with the solvent;
  • dip a cotton ball into it and place it on your nails;
  • cover with small rectangles cut out of aluminum foil and wait about 20 minutes;
  • then proceed with the removal, first removing the aluminum and then eliminating any residues with the wooden stick, to push away the gel.

In the following days it is good to continue to moisturize the skin and nails, because the solvent tends to dehydrate; It is also advisable to allow at least a week to pass before proceeding with a new covering, so as not to weaken the nails too much, risking bacterial infections.

Nail polish and soak off gel kit

In beauty centers or in those dedicated entirely to nail art, the cost of the soak off technique ranges from 25 to 40 euros. There are cheaper options, alternatives that are equally valid but require a little more effort. There are in fact several online sales kit, complete with everything you need: nail polish, base coat, top coat and solvent. The products can of course also be purchased individually. So you can proceed independently and at home with the application. It is important to have a UV and LED lamp, essential for the drying phase.

Let’s see some of the kits available in online shops.

Elite 99 kit

soak offSource: Amazon

High quality and good hold enamel. The color adheres to the nail quickly and strongly, resulting uniform and shiny. To dry under the UV or LED lamp.
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UR Sugar Kit

soak offSource: Amazon

Kit with 5 nail polishes with a fantastic magnetic effect that changes according to the reflection of light, all free of chemical and toxic materials, suitable for both natural and false nails or already covered with gel. Fast drying under UV lamp and long lasting.
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AIMEILI Soak off nail polish

soak offSource: Amazon

Soak off nail polish easy to apply and remove, holds up to 21 days. Not tested on animals and free of formaldehyde and other harmful substances. A UV / LED lamp is required for application. Available in different colors with a glossy finish.
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MESAUDA Soak off remover

soak offSource: Amazon

Cleansing solution to use to remove nail polish without damaging the nail. Apply a cotton swab soaked in the product on the nail, leave it on and then remove with cotton pads and using a wooden stick.
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