Smoky hair: what it is, how to get it and 10 looks


Coming season, hair trend you find; every year brings with it a new trend for our hair (which does not mean that we have to show off the looks proposed on the catwalk, but only that, if we want to change or dare, the proposals are not lacking), and that of 2021 has only one name : smoky hair.

The name already suggests, broadly speaking, what we are talking about: “smoky” hair, in which cold lightening is performed on one’s base color. Let’s find out more.

What is smoky hair?

Let’s talk about one coloring technique, launched for the first time in the salons of L’Oreal Professionel, in which a harmonious shade of cold tones is created on the hair, with the help of the combination of two or three shades. The name draws its inspiration, as it is easy to guess, from smokey eyes, one of the best known and most appreciated eye make-up techniques, in which it plays on the shades of eyeshadows, generally dark.

Just like in this make-up technique, smoky hair recreates natural shades of cold tones on the lengths of the hair, also eliminating any yellowish or greenish “slag” resulting from discoloration. For example, if they eliminate the yellow effect on the blond, they are able to illuminate the brown with mocha shades.

How is smoky hair made?

We are not actually talking about an absolute novelty, since smoky hair is a variant ofombré hair, a very popular trend a few years ago, which excludes warm tones, and which now returns with this super glamorous variant. Whether starting from a base of natural hair or already colored hair, at the base of the trend we find a fading effect, which starts from the darkest shades to reach the lightest, carefully spread over the lengths.

The shade of cool colors varies up to three different shades, which guarantees a natural result that can harmonize with our color. The good news is that this color looks good on practically all hair bases, precisely because it allows you to create shades without too accentuated color breaks.

The smoky hair creates movement in long and medium-long hair, curly or straight, and the lightening downwards helps to streamline the lines of the round face, also harmonizing the edges of the square or diamond face. Let’s talk about a color of course unisex (which should always apply), which also stands out very much on male faces.

To maintain the color it is sufficient to wash the hair with a specific shampoo for colored hair, adding a mask for dyed hair and an oil for the tips; of course it is better to avoid excessive exposure to the sun, while, if the color you choose is in shades of ash or gray, you cannot do without anti-yellow shampoo.

The variants of smoky hair

In general the nuances are seven, divided by color family by L’Oreal Professionel: for example, the Majrel line includes i cold mocha and iridescent, and the darker ashes with blue pigments for a perfect dark result. In the Inoa range there are two new shades, ash and irisé for cold beige, which neutralize unwanted yellow / orange reflections.

In general, a light degradé effect in shades of cold blond can revive a dark brown hair, but also light brown. Those looking for more brightness can instead opt for a shade that scales up to ash blonde. If you want to dare by livening up intense mahogany red hair, you can make reflections on cold red, but also the chromatic games on blue and purple, which fade on the tips, give beautiful effects.

10 smoky hair to be inspired by

Due to the great variety of possibilities, in the gallery we have brought you some of the most beautiful ideas to create a perfect smoky hair, on men and women.

Smoky hair, all * crazy * for the new hair trend

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