Skincare routine on Instagram, the influencers to follow


Influencer rhymes with Instagram and, even in Italy, the skin care theme is a real trend. But who are the skincare gurus to follow to know everything about the subject?

Instagram is not just a social network, but it has become a real one channel of information. And so, between a Reel, a direct and an IGtv there are many skincare experts to follow on Instagram if you want to know how to treat and pamper your skin.

After the TikTok skinfluencers, this time the time has come to find out who, among the beauty gurus of the moment, deserves the position of skincare expert absolutely to follow on Instagram.

Skincare guru, who are they?

#Skincare #skincaretime #skincarelover: if you are a skincare addicted you absolutely must explore these hashtags that have been popular on Instagram for some time now. Among professionals, beauty blogs (organic and otherwise), we have selected the best profiles not to be missed to stay informed about skin care and the perfect steps for error-free skincare.

Lolla @misstrawberryfields: from youtube to her skincare line

Between skincare influencer in Italy impossible not to mention @misstrawberryfields. His Instagram bio, where he has 108,000 followers, is a clear message ‘CEO of SPF, I believe in double cleansing and carasau bread’. At the registry office is Maria Vittoria Spano, but the beauty lovers know her as Lolla: Sardinian youtuber active in the world of beauty and skincare since 2009. Her passion for skin care led her to found Hey Cutie !: skincare made in Italy brand, vegan and increasingly loved by generation Z.

𝑱𝒖𝒍𝒊𝒂 @beautyblog_tokyo, for a beauty journey from the East

It is among the Japan’s most famous skincare guru, enough to be in the top ten of 2020. Julia, has just over 10 thousand followers on Instagram, but her feed is the perfect place to find calm and peace and discover everything and more about the products coming from the East: home of skincare. Not to be missed the hashtag #texturetuesday for a zoom on skincare products.

Maria Pia Prior @ dott.ssa_mariapiapriore: pharmacist and cosmetologist

He’s only 30, but there Doctor Maria Pia Prior is a real skincare guru. Graduated in pharmacy and with a master’s in cosmetology, every day she tells her 200,000 followers how take care of the skin. His Skin First brand always records sold out: to try for those who want to know everything about skincare.

Adri @sortofobsessed, the perfect feed

If for you the moment of skincare means relaxation, this is the right feed to scroll down. Over 54,000 followers who, every day, exchange skincare-themed tips under the photos of Adri. The profile, delicate and all in shades of pink, is enriched by careful and detailed captions: it is impossible to lose his advice and those of the followers who they love to tell each other and exchange ideas and advice.

Evie @sknperfct, because skin isn’t always perfect

There skin positivity is one of the hottest trends, with a skincare theme. After years of covering foundation to hide any defect, today the skin is also made of imperfections, days without makeup, discoloration and so on. Among the supporters there is Evie that describes products in great detail, skin reactions and first impressions. To follow to learn more about the world of skincare every day.

Snega @skincareuphoria: the importance of the before and after

Do the products really work? If this is the question you ask yourself every day, or almost, Snega and his account @skincareuphoria. Despite being a big supporter of the retouch of photos, she shows the ‘before & after’ after using a new skincare product or cycle. From the series: seeing is believing.

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