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Did you know that there is an ideal skincare routine for every age? This is because the skin needs specific care during the different stages of life. The British Vogue magazine consulted several specialists and, in partnership with L'Oréal, listed very interesting tips. Check out:

How to assemble the skincare routine for each age?

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The ideal skincare routine for every age. Image: Babor x All Women

After extensive research for over 30 years, L'Oréal has published Skin Atlas. It is a study that analyzes in detail the age of the different skins, taking into account internal and external factors, including lifestyle, ethnicity and stage of life.
The goal, according to Dr. Steve Shiel, L'Oréal's scientific director, is to better understand skin to create targeted products that are more effective. Discover the ideal skincare routine for every age:

Skin Care at 20

According to most experts, their 20s are the ideal decade to maintain and prevent. This is why hydration and sun protection are two absolute necessities.
These two steps serve to prevent premature skin aging. If you suffer from adult acne, you need to invest in suitable products to balance the production of sebum.
In addition, actives such as zinc and salicylic acid help reduce inflammation and treat the skin.

Skincare Routine For Every Age 2
Beauty care needs to be personalized. Discover the skincare routine for every age!

Skin Care at 30

Between 30 and 40, you will start to notice considerable differences in your skin. Therefore, it is time to take corrective and preventive measures.
It is at this stage that the first damage caused by external factors, which deteriorates the quality of the tissues. This ends up causing deep lines and sagging.
So focus your routine on products with vigorous actives like L-ascorbic acid – an antioxidant that is a pure and potent form of vitamin C – that will make a visible difference to the skin: shine, firmness and protection.

Skin Care at 40

According to Atoshi George, senior scientific advisor for L'Oréal, it is in the 40s that the signs of aging are most definitive. "Physiologically, the skin becomes thinner and less elastic because collagen is systematically broken, resulting in loss of volume," he explains.
Because of these factors, it is necessary to increase hydration and bet on skin renewing assets. Bet on products that clean deeply but without irritation.
In addition, oxidants and peptides that help increase elastin and collagen production are critical.

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Skin Care at 50

From the age of 50, major hormonal changes cause visible changes in the skin.
Our epidermis is made up of precious lipids including free fatty acids, cholesterol and ceramides. With the decline in the synthesis of these lipids, dehydration and loss of facial contours is more visible.
Therefore, you need to incorporate rich moisturizers to help regain volume from within.
Not only is the skin on the cheeks and forehead susceptible to it, lips and eye area also get thinner and require special attention.

Skincare Routine For Every Age
Over the decades, the skin has different needs. This is why we need to tailor the skincare routine for each age.

Skin Care at 60

During this phase of life, the lack of elasticity will be visible on the face and neck due to thinner skin and weaker muscles. If you have not made good use of sunscreen in the past (this includes your neck and lap), the harmful effects of UV rays will leave a mark.
For the 60s, the ideal is to use strong actives like retinol, a wonderful ingredient that helps support collagen production to improve fat. Moisturizing serums that can be layered under other products are also excellent.

Skin Care at 70

As in the 60s, the 70s are also marked by loss of elasticity. Thus, the ideal is to choose formulations that help repair the skin with vigorous ingredients.
It is therefore necessary to moisturize to replace fluid loss and nourish to promote firmness. One ingredient indicated by Atoshi George of L'Oréal is manuka honey from L'Oréal's Age Perfect Intensive Re-Nourish line. Coming from New Zealand, it is also known as the most powerful honey on the planet.

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