“Skin gritting”, the new do-it-yourself method to remove blackheads is driving the net crazy. Do you want to try it? What you need to know


Perhaps you have already heard of it, perhaps you have not. The fact is that it ”skin gritting” is the new beauty trend of the moment that is driving a lot of people crazy. On and off social networks. This is a new technique that guarantees perfect removal of blackheads from the face without having to go to the beautician for cleaning. The ones from Reddit were the first to experiment with this technique. From there the social tam tam started: everyone started experimenting with this very bizarre technique. And to post photos of the result on social media. The images are quite chilling since they show the blackheads extracted from the face of each of the users who have experienced ” skin gritting ”. However, judging by the photo, it seems to be an effective thing. Do you want to try it too? Know that not all dermatologists are in favor of this method: according to Elizabeth Tanzi it is a very invasive procedure. To be avoided if you have sensitive skin because it could cause even serious irritation. Read on after the photo

From the photos posted on the net it is evident: the black points come out whole. But let’s take a step back: what are blackheads really? Impurities that form on the face, especially on the nose, forehead, cheeks and chin due to excessive sebum production. Not only that: also due to stress or a wrong diet. They are ugly. Sufferers spend hours in front of the mirror to “ torture ” their skin in an attempt to remove them. Well, if you don’t have too dry or sensitive skin, try this skin gritting. You can do it at home like this. Read on after the photo

What you need: an oily cleanser, a clay mask. That’s enough. How to proceed: You start by cleaning your face with the cleanser. It is massaged well so as to make the skin more predisposed to the next treatment. Then a cloth is wiped over the face to remove the oil and the mask is applied, which will remain in place until it becomes dry. At that point it is removed with water and the face is dried. At this point, take the oily cleanser again and massage it on the areas with more blackheads. The massage must be firm and should last about 10 minutes. At the end of the massage the blackheads will remain in the hand, as shown in the video. ” Cleansing with the oily cleanser helps remove impurities from the skin – Joshua Zeicher, director of clinical and cosmetic research at Mount Sinai hospital in New York, explained to Glamor – the clay also purifies the pores. When the oily cleanser is passed again, it penetrates deeper, making the pores clean completely. ” But remember not to overdo the force you use to massage. And remember, if you have sensitive skin, this treatment is not for you.

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