Size sunglasses, how to spot it


Choosing a sunglass frame isn’t easy. Not only do we feel disoriented when we are spoiled for choice, but we are questioned by a fundamental question: which is the most correct sunglasses size to wear?

The question is not at all silly, especially for various sufferers poor eyesight (such as myopia and must resort to prescription lenses), and in fact the choice must fall in a similar way to what we would follow for prescription glasses. So how do you do it?

The technique to find the size of sunglasses (or eyeglasses) is simple. Take one credit card (or a prepaid one, but you don’t need it to make a purchase) and place it from the short side on the bridge of the nose perpendicular to the beginning of the eyebrow arch: based on the distance of the eye with the end of the short side of the card, you choose the measure of mount. If the edge of the paper is beyond the edge of our eye we have to opt for a size small, if it corresponds exactly to the edge of the eye we have to buy one medium, while if the edge of the eye is beyond the paper, our size will be one large.

But it doesn’t stop there. This, let’s say, can be one basic technique to approach the subject. Let’s say you bought a pair of sunglasses based on it and they fit very comfortably. For the next pair of glasses you buy, you have to pay attention to one thing: note the theme song that you find on the left temple of your frame (or sometimes on the bridge between the nose pads) and keep your note. You will need that code to find out what sunglass size is for your next frame. And, if you have made a note, you will know the right size even if you have lost or stolen your glasses.

Sunglasses sizeSource: RayBan

But what do those numbers and symbols mean? The measure of the eye and therefore of the lens is usually the first, followed by the measure of the bridge and finally by the size of the temples. The unit of these numbers is the millimeter, so don’t be scared if the last number seems too “big”, unless it’s a code. Eye size, RandolphUsa website explains in a guide, will typically be the most important size for identifying the look of a pair of sunglasses.

There is also another factor to remember when it comes to purchasing a frame for your lenses, whether they are sunglasses or prescription. Sunglasses are no less important than prescription glasses, because they have to fit good ones certified lenses to better protect ours today. Today, when frames can also be purchased online, perhaps it is still better to contact an optician, even better optometrist.

We know: frames cost less on e-commerce, perhaps there is even a greater offer in terms of models and colors. But a frame is not just an aesthetic accessory, and therefore it is better that a professional take care of it: maybe you can also try to buy them online following the specified technique, but always ask an optician for advice if possible and have new ones fitted. lenses (not the ones that arrive already assembled in the package), and make sure that they are lenses that are right for you, in the material that is most congenial to your lifestyle.

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