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The rhythm of life that we lead complicates the equation necessary to obtain the desired perfect skin. Both the fact of firmly following a daily beauty ritual and visiting specialists in search of professional cosmetic prescription They ask for time. And that, today, is something we usually lack. For this reason, every proposal that makes life easier for us is infinitely grateful. And above all all that initiative that incorporates our beloved new technologies.

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A 100% personal online beauty diagnosis Without having to step on the beauty salon that can be done from home, the office or anywhere from your mobile, tablet or laptop, it seems like a great idea.

The cosmetic cosmetic firm Silea is aware that One of the biggest mistakes we make the Spanish when it comes to taking care of our skin is the fact of incorrectly choosing the products that we apply. And he has decided to put a solution. From now on, anyone who wants to can request a skin diagnosis with their expert by filling out a form on their website.

The diagnosis is made via videoconference, which allows its professionals to have a virtual face-to-face to recommend which ritual best suits each client. All completely free and without commitment to purchase. A marvel.

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Used to how we are going to do everything on-line, your proposal seems to us a clear response to a real need of the public millennial and of the Z generation. It is also a great way to know what is going well and what is not going well according to the skin of each one when choosing the right cosmetics. And it greatly improves the results of test type form that many webs offer By talking directly with a real live person, a much more accurate consultation is possible.

We test what is the online diagnosis of Silea

After agreeing a day and an hour via mail, you receive a link of access to a videoconference through which you get in touch with one of Silea's experts.

Through questions about your eating, lifestyle and care routine and a talk about your needs and concerns As for the skin and facial care, she is able to assess the condition of your skin.

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Its duration is of 15 to 20 minutes during which they will ask you things like what do you like about your skin? Or do you notice changes in your skin throughout the day. And from Silea they assure us that it is completely identical to a face-to-face diagnosis in an aesthetic center.

It will also observe the state of your skin through the camera, so it is important that you find yourself in a place with good lighting. Next, he will design a customized care routine and make recommendations.

If after the consultation you want to buy products of your brand you can enjoy a 15% discount on the first purchase. Its products are for sale on its website and at various points of sale throughout Spain and the discount is valid the week after the diagnosis.

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Capture of our diagnosis

In my case, that I suffer from dehydration and lack of luminosity, I have been recommended to apply an emulsion cream liposome antiaging (69 euros) to reach the deepest layers of my skin and fill them with vitamins and a vitamin serum (38 euros) mixed with moisturizer (59 euros) in the morning. All this complemented with the double cleaning that I already do day and night, an eye contour of the day that also serves the lips, sun factor and a product that has caught my attention. His Revitalizing tonic (29 euros) that "moisturizes, regenerates and neutralizes free radicals". A product that specifically follows its brand philosophy of stimulate the skin to work on its own.

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