Sign of Leo: the beauty products it does not do without


Here are the products and beauty secrets that those born under the Sign of Leo never give up. For a perfect mix of elegance, charm and that touch of “wild” that gives it so much.

Particular signs? Charismatic, fascinating and with a natural and wild beauty at the same time. Let’s talk about the born (and born) under the sign of Leo, a unique mix of seduction and energy able to charm anyone and without the slightest effort. And this also thanks to the must haves of this fire sign. That is all those beauty products that modern lionesses just can’t give up.

Little tricks that only the born Leos know to enhance their appearance even more, enhancing their peculiarities and guaranteeing a beauty look that is always perfect and with a guaranteed wow effect. Here, then, are the beauty products that those born under the sign of Leo never know how to say no (and luckily!).

Skincare what a passion!

If there is one thing that those born in the sign of Leo cannot really give up, it is there skin, face and body care in general. A smooth, soft skin that transmits freshness and health from every pore. And to do that there is nothing better than one targeted and regular skincare. Made of a few simple gestures but carried out with care and with the right products:

  • cleansing, with nourishing and refreshing gel or lotions, to eliminate all traces of impurities and give new light and well-being to the face;
  • tonic to tighten pores;
  • rebalancing serum;
  • moisturizing cream with antioxidant properties, to preserve the beauty of the skin.

But not only.

If necessary, as it should be, those born in the sign of Leo they don’t give up neither:

  • to the scrub for both the face and the body, to eliminate dead cells from the epidermis and give it softness, shine and the right balance;
  • to masks, nourishing, anti-aging, moisturizing, rebalancing, etc. To be used as needed to keep the skin always in perfect health and beautiful.

sign of the lion mask

Leo sign and make up! Invisible, natural or super strong

If there is one thing that just does not belong to the sign of Leo, then, it is the “monotony”, in life and also in make-up. Here because it is not difficult to see sudden changes of look and always all exceptionally beautiful.

If on the one hand, in fact, the lionesses of the zodiac love to have a super natural look, with an invisible make-up, made of soft and warm colors from nude to peach, on the other hand it is not so rare to see them with details of pure glamor. With a particular focus on the eyes, embellished with mascara and eye shadows in shades of black or brown (in perfect smokey eyes style) and on the mouth, always treated with balms or cocoa butter. But also with a hint of color from nude, to pink to burgundy, up to the timeless and super fiery red.

And for the fund?

Let’s face it, those born in the sign of Leo don’t need large amounts of makeup. Their skin is down absolutely wonderful natural. And this is also demonstrated by the fact that, to even out the complexion by eliminating any imperfections and giving it a homogeneous appearance, you only need a few products to be used sparingly and precisely:

  • primer;
  • foundation;
  • one light layer corrector only if necessary;
  • a touch of powder.

And the make up of the sign of Leo is done!

make up lion sign

The heat-proof beauty product

And being a sign of fire, among the products and beauty secrets of the sign of Leo, the gem of make-up for high temperatures, the BB or the CC cream, can certainly not be missing. Ideal for replacing foundation and creating a perfect heat-proof base!

To even out the complexion, eliminate or reduce any imperfections but without covering the peculiarities of the face and, if integrated with an SPF factor, protect the skin from UV rays. In short, a beauty product to always have with you!

lion sign bb cream

The true passion of the sign of Leo: hair!

What is the most fascinating part of a lion of all? Definitely the mane. That is why those born in the sign of Leo cannot absolutely renounce show off a hair that is always perfect, soft, shiny and healthy. Meticulous care ranging from the choice of the right cut or hairstyle to the regular use of products capable of giving maximum well-being to the hair, from root to tip:

  • shampoo delicate and nourishing (to be chosen according to the type of hair to be treated);
  • balm (inevitable) to tame the hair and make it silky and soft on every occasion;
  • masks nourishing, protective, etc. To strengthen and invigorate the hair;
  • oils to protect the lengths from external agents (such as sun, wind, sea water, chlorine, etc.). For example, opting for those with flax seeds, coconut, shea butter, etc.

A hair routine and a look that does not follow trends but aims to make and keep your hair natural and always perfect. Appearing elegant and neat at all times.

lion sign masks

And for the fold?

When it comes to hair, then, there is really no limit to the creative and rebellious flair of the sign of Leo. That’s why those born under these stars like it styling your hair in many different ways. But always in the name of originality and your watchword in terms of look: amaze. Green light therefore to:

  • the classic high ponytail, also provided with extensions;
  • a high and super voluminous chignon;
  • space bun;
  • curly or beach waves;
  • special braids;
  • etc.

lion hairstyles sign

In short, everything is allowed to embellish your already beautiful hair. But without never forget to take care of it!

Few beauty products but which, used with care, regularity and the right quantities, are able to enhance even more the nature beauty of those born in the sign of Leo. Guaranteeing him a prominent place among the most seductive and fascinating signs of the zodiac.

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