Sign of Leo: how do you approach the beauty routine?


If you were born under the sign of Leo you are a strong, vain girl and you love exclusivity. This is why your beauty routine always tries to aim for excellence.

The sign of Leo, which belongs to those born between July 23 and August 23, is one of the strongest in the entire zodiac, but it is also extremely demanding.

His planet is the sun and precisely this gives the women of the sign a natural propensity to shine and never be satisfied. There pursuit of exclusivity it is a must and covers every aspect of life, including the beauty routine, never left to chance but enriched with as many steps as possible.

Only by having every aspect under control, in fact, the little lions feel calm.

If your birthday is in the height of summer and you recognize yourself in this description, you should approach the beauty routine in an almost scientific way, without exaggerating or getting too caught up in the pursuit of perfection.

Mission number one: skin care

A characteristic of the Leo woman is to be quite vain and at the same time one of the Achilles’ heels seems to be the extremely delicate skin.

For this, establish a correct and meticulous approach to skincare routine it is a fundamental aspect for you, around which everything else revolves.

Your complexion, indeed, it never satisfies you, unless it looks radiant and has no trace of imperfections, wrinkles or other slight imperfections that you can’t stand but with which you should peacefully make peace.

The choice of products

Before starting to use a new product you have to know it thoroughly because, rightly, you don’t trust whatever is bound to end up on the skin of your face and body.

Trust, so, to those you already use and before introducing new ones, study each ingredient well choosing, if possible, among the natural ones, so as to minimize any unpleasant consequences.

The innate vanity and the desire to always aim for the maximum, often push you to choose expensive products, whose purchase justifies the idea that it is better to have few but of quality, rather than many but of dubious origin. It’s hard to blame you.

Finally remember, your delicate skin requires the presence, in the formulas, of emollient, nourishing and soothing elements, which counteract the aggression of external agents, first of all UVA and UVB rays.


Never without sunscreen

In summer, but also in winter, in your beauty routine you shouldn’t forget the sunscreen, which you can decide to apply in two different ways: aloneby choosing a specific cream, or combined with makeup, opting for foundation or BB Cream that contain it inside. The only rule is never to forget to spread it out before going out.

The steps you must not forget

When it comes to skincare very often DIY is the most used technique but it is not your case, since the trend of the sign of Leo is to embrace a method and carry it out with dedication.

How to best cleanse the skin

Facial skin care begins with the cleansing, which you should do scrupulously in the morning and in the evening, even when you come back late and the desire is close to zero.

The choice of the cleanser depends on the type of your skin, if it is mixed a foaming agent is ideal, while if it tends to dry it is better to opt for gel or creamy formulas.

If you wear makeup, you can do it in the evening double cleansing, removing make-up with an oily product and washing your face with a foaming agent.

How to hydrate it

After cleansing it is essential to moisturize the skin and if you are a Leo woman you probably do it not giving up exclusivity even in this case but relying on extra luxury serums and creams, in which they cannot miss researched active ingredients and beneficial ingredients.

Another feature of your sign is that it is extremely practical, so when you are in the process of buying cThere are always products that embody various functions.


Masks what a passion

But the real obsession of the lions is that for the face masks. At least once a week devote time to this practice, making one nourishing and moisturizing, even better if homemade with natural products. The most suitable? Olive oil, avocado, yogurt and honey.


Lens shine

Typical of this sign, the desire to shine with one’s own light. If you are a Leo girl you just can’t give up the brightness, which is reflected in the beauty routine choice of products that allow you to catalyze the light as much as possible and make your skin super glow.

Before even thinking about them, however, you don’t mind undergoing enlightening treatments such as i chemical peels.

As for the products, however, the choice is wide but in your skincare routine there is never a shortage of exfoliating serums and vitamin C.

The cult objects for the body, on the other hand, are illuminating oils or moisturizers with small glitter che reflect the light with every movement.


Make up

Even the makeup is full of light and consequently the inevitable pieces in the leoncina beauty bag are highlighter and shimmering eyeshadows.

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