Short bob or bob: which face shape enhances it?

Caschetto corto o bob: le forme del viso e i capelli che lo esaltano

From Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction in 1994 a Irina Shayk on the night of the 2019 Oscars, almost all women, at least once in their life, succumb to the charm of short bob, also called bob. Even more now, that trends want it among the coolest haircuts, the short bob is adopted by many women: young people like it smooth and with a parting in the middle, seniors also appreciate it moved and scaled. Let’s analyze this elegant (always and forever) haircut together.

Short bob: what hair is suitable for this cut?

Although the short bob is a trendy cut, we certainly cannot call it an “easy” cut that goes well with all face shapes. In fact, before cutting your hair, it is good to analyze thoroughly the shape of the face and especially the type of hair that we have, only in this way we will not make serious mistakes, which we will regret even before saying goodbye to the hairstylist.

If we have the straight hair the short bob is definitely our ally: we can also try the asymmetrical version, that is with the side line instead of in the center. If the hair is in addition to being straight healthy and disciplined (therefore not frizzy) the ideal is the classic equal bob, if desired also with a fringe; if instead the hair is straight fine and worn out better a scaled cut that gives volume to the hair, preferring a side tuft to the fringe.

If we have the wavy hair we can choose a less short bob, which at least exceeds the height of the chin. The waves of our hair will be the real stars of the cut: we give volume to the hair, accentuate the movements, avoid the bangs and choose products that increase the frizz effect.

If we have the curly hair we must absolutely avoid the au pair cut and the bangs, the situation would be unmanageable. We choose a helmet that includes different lengths, for example the A short back and long front bob. The goal is to give shape to the curl through the different lengths; if done well, the result will be excellent.

Short bob and more suitable face shape

As we said, the short bob is a cut that it is good for many, but not for all. This cut is perfect for anyone with a Oval face, rectangular or triangular, because it wisely fills the spaces, making everything more harmonious. Also great for anyone who has one high forehead and wants to hide it with a fringe or a side tuft.

Such a short and clean cut tends to frame the face, emphasizing the horizontal and not the vertical line of the face. For this reason, the short bob is often discouraged round or square faces, the risk is to “suffocate” the facial features, making them even less visible.

However, there is also a solution for those with a round face but who love a helmet and absolutely do not want to do without it. A conscious one scaling done periodically and right length could completely change the final appearance of the face. A few centimeters more is sometimes essential to make this cut less full and lighter, obviously in favor of round and square faces.

Every day hairstylists and celebrities invent themselves new types of helmet; finding the one that best suits our face is less difficult than expected. Among the many models we find the hairline bob, very trendy includes a cut just below the ears, sci-fi, a scaled helmet with fringe and lob, whose lengths come to touch the shoulders. The styling can vary according to the occasion and the outfit: smooth and shiny glass effect, messy or curly with a lot of fringe for an exceptional “French girl hair” effect.

Every day a new possible hairstyle to match your mood and personality.

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