Shirt and patchwork print: the most original and wearable dress of the summer is Lefties and costs less than 4 euros



He is no stranger in our closets: we have already seen him become
one of the most desired pieces of the summer, sold out and with a waiting list, like
with which Carmen Gimeno has swept and Instagram, the best proof that
patchwork dress rejuvenates at 50. Something to which neither
Carmen Lomana She is alien and she shows it with her looks.

And is that a
dress shirt It can be the garment that solves your summer suitcase in one fell swoop. Easy to combine, elegant, flattering and very versatile. And if to that we add the
patchwork print, the equation for success is complete.

If you are still looking for one to accompany you during the summer, we have found in
Lefties the ultimate. Not only because it has a design that will make you fall in love but because
a scandal price.

It’s about a
shirt style dress short-sleeved and V-neck, with a
back loop to adjust to taste and made of a lightweight fabric.

For now you can find it on the website of
Lefties of sales for only 3.99 euros. A real bargain that solves the best looks of the hottest days and of which there are still sizes between XS and L.

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