Shaved hair: integral or undercut, here are 8 Vip ideas

Capelli rasati, integrali e undercut: consigli e 8 idee vip per un cambio radicale

Bring i shaved hair it’s not easy, but if you find the cut more suited to your face and that best expresses the personality, it turns out a beautiful hairstyle and original. Full or partial shaving is making a comeback in recent years, also in 2019 especially among celebrity. Let’s see together the trendiest shaved hair that matches every face shape.

Shaved hair (only partially): the undercut

Having your hair shaved doesn’t just mean cutting your hair completely. Usually the hairsylist recommend, for those approaching this cut for the first time, to start in a manner gradual. L’undercut it’s a partial shave which consists in shaving a part, above the ears or around the head, and leaving the rest of the hair longer. There are different types of undercuts, depending on the section and amount of shaved hair.

1. Lateral undercut or sidecut

In the cut sidecut the basic idea is the same as the undercut, however only one is shaved side of the head to above the ear, leaving the rest of the hair usually long. It is a very modern and feminine cut, which gives a look halfway between romantic and rock, and is perfect for those who want to dare without a full shave.

2. Undercut on the nape of the neck

Another example of a more delicate undercut cut is the one on the nape. A portion of hair is shaved above the neck, keeping the rest of the hair at the preferred length. This type of shaving is suitable both with bob hair, and with long hair gathered in tails or high braids and chignon.

3. Pixie

It goes very well with an undercut the pixie cut, that is, a cut with short hair. The possibilities are many, from a sidecut with one side shaved and the other in which the tuft falls, to a double side, with the possibility of moving the hair wherever you want, even in the center. This cut was very trendy among the stars in 2018, and it seems not to go out of trend for 2019 as well.

Shaved hair: full shave

Often in a woman a haircut represents a radical choice that reflects gods changes in life. Shaved hair is a big trend in women, especially in recent decades. If our culture in the past prevented women from cutting long hair, considered a symbol of femininity and beauty, today you have the opportunity to choose a short and shaved cut to represent yourself at best, with pride.

There full shave it is not easy to wear, and it is not suitable for every type of hair and face. They range from a very daring flush shave up to a few millimeters, so that the hair is very short. Shaved hair needs one maintenance constant, because they have a growth of 3/4 millimeters every 10/15 days.

Shaved hair and face shape

Before deciding how to shave your hair, it is good to consult your own hairdresser, who knows the most suitable cuts for the type of hair and the face shape. Completely shaved hair tends to make the features more rigid and marked. They are therefore more suitable and harmonious on faces symmetrical, with proportionate shape and regular strokes, not too edgy.

The undrecut and sidecut cuts, on the other hand, lend themselves better to faces ovals or triangular, stretched out and with a broad forehead. This is because in the rounder, square faces, with low foreheads, longer hair is recommended to surround them. Furthermore, i straight and fine hair are easier to keep shaved than curly. Those who choose to make a shaved cut, should keep long curly hair always soft with special sprays or shampoos.

Shaved hair: 8 vip ideas

The celebrity I’m always on the lookout for the latest trends, even in terms of hairstyle. In recent years there has been a real explosion of shaved hair and undercut among international and local stars. They wore a shaved cut, among others, Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, Natalie Portman, Charlize Theron. In the gallery we have collected 8 VIP women who have successfully experimented with an absolutely trendy shaved cut.

Shaved, integral and undercut hair: tips and 8 vip ideas for a radical change


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