Shattered bob: 11 short wavy bobs


In the summer, the hair tends to get damaged more than expected, and at the same time we all need a cut that allows us to breathe but, at the same time, does not require excessive maintenance, because no one wants to spend hours between hairdryers, straighteners. or curling irons to show off a perfect styling.

A fair compromise, for smooth, wavy and even curls, can be represented by the shattered bob, which seems to be the trend of summer 2020 on the hair side.

What is shattered bob?

This type of bob, because this is what we are talking about, provides a messy-chic styling, with soft and deliberately decomposed waves, only apparently casual. In fact, the name derives from the English verb to shatter, which means just shatter; and, in fact, the shattered bob is the ideal cut for those who want to have a casual, simple, but at the same time very feminine look.

How to make a perfect shattered bob

To have a perfect shattered bob hair length it must not go beyond the chin, and the helmet must be worn even and light, supported by a volumized and wavy styling, which gives a natural effect.

Although the best effect is that of beach waves from the beach, and therefore gives the best in a wavy and deliberately disheveled version, the most precise can bring the shattered bob even in a much more orderly way, for example with the help of bobby pins, clips or headbands, accessories that smell very much of the ’80s and’ 90s, but which have recently come back in vogue.

Sui wavy hair the shattered bob stands out if the crease is accompanied by a texturizing spray, able to better define the movement of the waves, to be finished with the help of an iron.

Who has the curly hair, on the other hand, it can exploit the natural gait of the curls, defining them only with a moisturizer that gives them elasticity and softness; obviously, straightener and iron can represent valid aids for the perfect definition of curls.

To enhance a shattered bob sui straight hairfinally, you can use a polishing spray that gives a glossy effect to the hair, adding movement only to the tips or tuft to have that jaunty effect that characterizes this cut.

Shattered bob: tips for maintaining it

As mentioned, the shattered bob has become the trend in terms of hair beauty also thanks to its practicality, since it does not present particular difficulties in its maintenance. Clearly, it is a cut that needs a “refresh” about once a month, or at most after 40 days, but a slight trim is enough to get it back to its best.

They must be chosen with particular attention shampoo and mask, preferring the professional ones that are able to give volume and texture to the hair; although this cut looks good, as mentioned, on almost all hair types, regardless of whether they are wavy, straight, or just curly, it is not particularly suitable for those with too fine, thin and bodyless hair, but also for those with too curly hair, given that in both cases there would be problems in managing the cut.

As far as drying is concerned, it is advisable to use a cream with a heat-protective effect, in order to compact the locks, texturing them to the right point; of course, it is also extremely important not to use the hair dryer, straightener or curling iron at too high temperatures, always preferring a medium temperature that limits damage to the hair.

11 examples of shattered bob to be inspired by

If the actress Keira Knightley adopted the shattered bob as early as 2010, there are many examples, even turning on social media, which inspire you to choose your ideal bob. In the gallery we have selected some.

Shattered bob: 11 short and wavy bobs to be inspired by

Source: instagram @gofeminin_de

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