Shacket, between jacket and shirt: models and outfits


There is a new protagonist in town and it is the shacket, that is, a shirt that disguises itself as an outerwear in a perfect fusion between oversize and comfy style.

The keen eye will think they have already seen this garment in the past and are not mistaken. It’s a kind of magazine shirt for transitional seasons like spring and autumn.

The shacket has that vintage taste that conquers everyone. There are different types, which makes it easier to find the right one for every look.

Shacket, history and origins

Its name comes from the combination of the English words shirt is jacket, precisely because it is a shirt that manages to become a real outerwear, thanks to the various fabrics used in its realization.

The shacket, in its most classic version, is characterized by the check print, that is the fabric composed of two strips of colors which, alternating, create the classic two-tone checkerboard.

Thanks to the skilful use that some designers have made of it, the check has made a trend first in the tartan interiors of Burberry trench coats starting from the 1920s, then in the punk collections of Vivienne Westwood, up to the contemporary garments of Alexander McQueen.

The latest trend that sees the use of this print is precisely the shacket, a jacket-shirt that promises to keep you warm enough during next spring.

Shacket, what is it?Source: Pexels

Shacket: how to match it?

This hybrid jacket is offered in different fabrics, from wool to fleece and why not, even in eco-leather. It is a unisex garment and its fit is undoubtedly wide and comfortable. It can also replace the jacket when temperatures start to heat up. Let’s see some perfect combinations:

1. Casual style

To get good informal and casual look at the right point, the shacket will go hand in hand with jeans in the classic denim wash and sneakers.

2. Urban style

For a urban look that is so reminiscent of the “skater” style (remember the flannel shirts of the 90s?), you can combine a checked shacket with skinny jeans or a pair of black leggings, amphibians and a cap (in wool or sports with visor depending on the temperature).

3. Summer mini dress

If, on the other hand, you want to dare a little more, towards the summer the shacket can become a mini dress, combined with high boots or a high-waisted belt.

Shacket: models, types and trends

There are different types of shacket that vary mainly in terms of patterns and colors, as well as more or less heavy fabrics. The choice must be made according to the season in which you want to wear it without forgetting the final effect you want to achieve.

Classic checked shacket

The first shacket that immediately comes to mind is the one with the checked pattern white and red (or red and black) but the variations can become infinite, in order to find the one most in harmony with our tastes and our colors.

HEAVY - Shacket in Plaid with turn-up in wool blend

HEAVY – Shacket in Plaid with turn-up in wool blend

Shacket, soft and comfortable. The closure is with buttons, has two pockets on the chest, The fit is wide and comfortable. It’s an oversized checked shirt jacket.

€ 27 on Amazon


  • Perfect for mid-seasons

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For a look that winks at “lumberjack” shirts, there are variants that contain warmer colors like brown or green.

Trieskull - Shacket with long sleeves, checked

Trieskull – Shacket with long sleeves, checked

Wide and comfortable shacket, with pockets, in soft fabric. Checked pattern.

€ 29 on Amazon


  • Ideal for spring and autumn
  • Perfect for a “lumberjack” look

Solid color shacket

The check print, however, is certainly not mandatory, there are in fact variants that provide only one color, for a casual outerwear that veers towards a more minimal look.

ONLBITTEN - Solid color corduroy shacket

ONLBITTEN – Solid color corduroy shacket

Shacket in corduroy and solid color, for a casual and minimal look.

43 € on Amazon


  • Perfect for mid-seasons
  • Ideal for a casual look

In conclusion, the shacket represents a perfect outerwear for a casual and unpretentious outfit, which manages to give that touch of dynamism even to the most classic look. In fact, it will become the main garment if combined with more formal garments and if the choice falls on bright colors, capable of being noticed at first glance.

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