Set or dress: this is the pattern that triumphs among influencers and that is perfect to end the summer


When several celebrities and influencers coincide with the same garment, it is for something and that is what has happened with several looks that have been published on Instagram.
Dulceida, Violeta and Susana Bicho are some of the women who have swept the networks with a style featuring a dress or set with a
nice very summery print. Although there are low cost garments such as Alba Carrillo’s striped dress or this very cheap crochet top that triumph among influencers, these are
patterned outfits summer favorites.

We are talking about a series of garments from the Charo Ruiz firm, a brand ‘made in Ibiza’ that reinterprets, under a spirit of sophistication, the fabulous creations of Balearic essence. His is an «independent label, with a very defined DNA, which was born with the mission of bringing a breath of fresh air to the world of fashion: betting on noble materials, without giving up the best quality standards and with the aim of to value the beauty and power of the feminine ”, explains its creator and designer with the same name.

And the influencers have fallen for their garments, who have chosen as a summer look a mini dress (369 euros) -such as Dulceida- or a set -such as Violeta or Susana- with a colorful floral print on a white background. A colorful and ideal fabric for the summer season that is also found in long, asymmetrical dresses, long pants, shorts and tops of different designs.

charo ruiz

Garments that you can combine in different ways to get the perfect summer outfit that best suits your style and silhouette. V-necklines, words of honor, more baggy cuts, others tighter … Endless possibilities, but with one thing in common: the colorful pattern that already seems to be the favorite of influencers. We want it!

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