Serial make-up accumulators, who are they? And when to worry


They call them “makeup hoarders” and they are the serial (non pathological) make-up accumulators, that is, the beauty addicted to the nth degree. Passionate about cosmetic products but not only … how to do when a simple passion becomes a little too intrusive, turning into a real mania?

Serial makeup accumulators: who are makeup hoarders?

Call them “makeup hoarder” serial makeup accumulators they are those who are passionate about beauty who do not distinguish between need and trend. In love with everything that involves beauty, they have a real passion for beauty & Co. so much that they often find themselves literally submerged in cosmetics.

Yet what may seem like a simple passion in some cases can turn into a real one mania. If buying a bottle of shampoo before it is completely finished can be judged as simple organization, have 18 lipsticks all in the exact same shade it is a very different thing and here serial accumulation comes into play.

Do you notice that too many products are piling up? Absolutely not

What is problematic, for one serial makeup accumulator, is realizing that you have a problem. A true beauty lover will always find a reason to justify her purchase: from the simple one new trendy color, to one textures to try, to pure and simple collecting. Because yes, there are make-ups that are collected.

But when are there too many products?

Let’s do a test together, if you recognize yourself in at least 2 of these sentences, you are a serial makeup accumulator:

  1. In your beauty station you have at least 5 red lipsticks and only you understand the differences.
  2. The palettes are never enough even if you already have at least 2 with the same colors.
  3. Mascaras must be tried: all!
  4. You have at least 2 blushes of the same color (bought for spare)
  5. When you find a product you like it buy back before it runs out to be sure you have it.
  6. You scream every time you see a new one beauty launch!

Here, if you recognize yourself in these sentences, know that you are a “makeup hoarder”. As a kind of blazing euphoria, buying beauty products simply makes you happier.

Thanks to the economic crisis, more and more women have started buying cosmetic products as a “gift” to feel better, increasing sales in the beauty sector which, despite the pandemic, has continued to grow, also thanks to the inclusive and body positive campaigns.

But pay attention to the PAO

Finally accumulating friends beware of PAO, or the Period after Opening (in short, the expiration date) of a cosmetic.

To always consider the duration of a product, this indication could help you eliminate a few products, at least with the excuse of expiration, and restore some order inside your beauty case.

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