Semi-permanent mascara: the pros and cons and the best

Cos'è il mascara semipermanente, l'alternativa alle extension per ciglia folte

He joined the make-up not long ago, but he has already won many girls. The semi-permanent mascara is an alternative to regular makeup and false eyelashes, which promises to thicken them eyelashes for a long duration of time. Ideal for those who want to intensify or open their eyes, and who have not very thick eyelashes. Let’s see how it works, the advantages and disadvantages of this technique and the best products.

How is semi-permanent mascara used?

Semi-permanent mascara consists of one cream of black color that is applied on the lashes, through a method not difficult, but it requires a lot of precision. There are gods on the market kit which contain everything you need to apply makeup independently. However, given the timing and the delicacy of the process, it is preferable to rely on abeautician to do the job.

Before starting it is necessary remove make-up carefully and thoroughly the lashes, so that none remain residue, using non-oily makeup removers. Then you can proceed toapplication semi-permanent mascara by following these steps:

  • Isolate the lower lashes, so that when you close your eyes to make the product take root on the upper lashes, they do not stick to the lower ones. To do this, you can use adhesive tape, which however is more uncomfortable and unpleasant. Better then to use patches, adhesive half moons that contain hyaluronic acid.
  • Prepare the lashes: to do it you must first comb them in order to separate them for good. After that a special is applied primer which makes the lashes ready to receive makeup. If you want to get eyelashes curves, this is the time to use the eyelash curler and arrange them as you prefer.
  • Finally, we move on to mascara. It is a black colored cream which is applied with the use of one pipe cleaner, like the one for classic mascara, or with a brush very small. You need to use a little product, and spread it on each lash, one at a time, being careful not to leave any lumps.
  • Once the process is finished, it is necessary wait for to dry the semi-permanent mascara: the waiting time ranges from 20 to 30 minutes.

Semi-permanent mascara: pros and cons

Choosing a semi-permanent mascara is a good idea for those who want to add some volume to their lashes, and who are used to using mascara often. In fact, with this method the effect is more lasting, and it doesn’t have to be repeated every day. It is also a great alternative to extensions or false eyelashes, which can be more uncomfortable. Semi-permanent mascara has no contraindications for the health and well-being of the eyes.

The benefit the best is definitely the duration: the result is guaranteed for up to 3 weeks, after which, for the simple physiological reason that the eyelashes fall out, it slowly needs to be revised. Another advantage is the result, because the lashes appear visibly thicker and the gaze more intense. Also, if you want to refine, you can apply regular mascara over it.

The cost can be considered as pro or con. In fact, the price of a semi-permanent mascara is slightly higher than a normal one, while the cost of the complete kit or the beautician’s session varies from 50 to 90 euros. It is therefore certainly more expensive but also more durable, as well as being less expensive than extensions and other permanent solutions. Among disadvantages there is that most of the semi-permanent mascaras do not lengthen the lashes but thicken and strengthen them. As a result, regular mascara should be used for longer lashes. Finally, the application is delicate, and there is a risk that two lashes will be glued: when one falls out, the other one will take with it.

Semi-permanent mascara: how to remove it

Once the effect of the semi-permanent mascara has started to wear off, it’s okay remove it completely before applying it again. Doing it is not difficult, you use a remover, which is a specific solvent for permanent make-up, and one makeup remover. The latter must not be oily, because it would make the product applied subsequently go away.

It is important to remove the semi-permanent mascara from each lash, in fact it is recommended to use a cotton swab on which the remover is applied, and to pass lashes by lashes. However, even for removal it is preferable to resort to the help of a professional beautician, who guarantees a better result than that done at home, at least the first few times.

Semi-permanent mascara kit: the best products

We have therefore seen how semi-permanent mascara works, and that, if possible, it is better to rely on a beautician. However, more and more brands today create kits that provide all the necessary material so that the application is not too difficult even at home. Let’s see i best products which can also be found online.

1. Luxe Lash volumizing eyelash serum

semi-permanent mascaraSource: Amazon

The Luxe Lash Volumizing Serum is a paraben-free product, which comes with a special applicator that allows you to touch one eyelash at a time. The product volumizes the lashes, for a full, healthy and strong appearance, and stimulates the roots to favor a longer growth phase.
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2. Diego della Palma

semi-permanent mascaraSource: Web

One of the first mascaras made with the semi-permanent texture is the Semipermanent Technical Mascara by Diego della Palma. A real tint for the lashes, which defines the lashes for many days without weighing them down thanks to its soft and creamy texture. It is simple to apply because it spreads easily, and also to remove. The lashes are thicker, well separated, and unlike with other mascaras of this type, more long.
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3. Infinito Collistar Mascara Kit

semi-permanent mascaraSource: Web

The Collistar kit includes the Infinito Extra Black Mascara, a high-precision product, thanks to the revolutionary applicator, which guarantees volume, curvature and definition. A new generation mascara that also offers impeccable hold. As a gift in the kit it Softening two-phase make-up remover for eyes and lips and the clutch bag.
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4. Glam Lash False Eyelash Effect Mascara

semi-permanent mascaraSource: Web

The 3D False Eyelash Effect Mascara Set contains everything you need to apply semi-permanent mascara. A product that guarantees extra volume and ease of application thanks to the brush and comb. Contains natural ingredients, is vegan and not tested on animals.
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5. MAX2 Semi-Permanent Mascara Kit Rolly Queen

semi-permanent mascaraSource: Web

The Rolly Queen Kit by Max2 it is one of the most complete on the market, and in fact the one with the highest price compared to the others on this list. It contains the necessary not only to accurately paint the lashes, but also to maintain the result. In fact, the new coating sealant prolongs the life span and strengthens the adhesion of the product.
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6. 4D Silk Fiber Eyelash Mascara

semi-permanent mascaraSource: Web

The ToullGo Fiber Mascara has an organic formulation that increases not only the volume, but also the length of the lashes. The brush helps to apply the mascara on each lash: water resistant, safe for sensitive eyes, it is great for any occasion, to ensure thick and reinforced lashes.
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