Self-tanner: the mistakes you really need to avoid


Among so many products, we can say that self-tanner is a godsend if you don’t have the time or desire to tan naturally, but if you make these fatal mistakes you may regret choosing it as your summer beauty ally.

Who said that to show off a bronze complexion is it necessary to roast hours and hours in the sun? If you do not have any beach vacation planned, you do not like to lie down on the bed or for medical reasons you are not allowed, but you still want to light up your complexion a little you can always resort toself-tanner.

This product, in fact, is excellent, super versatile and we are sure that if you have never tried it, from the first application it will make you fall in love. Provided, however, of don’t commit some of these slips which, on the contrary, could make you hate self-tanner and make you regret having chosen it bitterly. Keep calm and let’s see how to avoid this epilogue.

Choosing the wrong self tanner

It’s easy to say self-tanner, but you know that not all are the same and that you can’t just buy the first one you see at the supermarket or perfumery, or the one with the most beautiful packaging?

Choose a typology lightly it could be a serious mistake because this is one of the main causes of the so-called orange skin, which of course we would all like to avoid.


Beware of DHA

Once the self-tanner is applied, the skin takes on a different color thanks to one reaction between stratum corneum proteins and DHA molecules (didxyacetone) contained in the product and naturally also present in our body.

The concentration of DHA it is not However the same in every self-tanner and when you choose it you should evaluate it carefully. If you have very light skin, check that there is no more than 3%, while if you are darker you can even exceed 5%, bearing in mind that the higher the percentage, the more the color intensifies.


Evaluate the texture based on the type of skin

Even the formulas are not all the same, and each of them is suitable for specific skin types.

If yours is dry or mixed you choose creams or lotions, while if you have oily skin the better gel.

This distinction applies to both the face and the body, however in case you are inexperienced better turn towards an alternative solution suitable for everyone: the spray. In fact, the application is much faster and more homogeneous and the risk of stains is lower.


Not preparing the skin properly

Passing the self-tanner the instant after you buy it, without thinking too much, could make you hate this decision. Skin, indeed, it needs to undergo some preventive steps before receiving this treatment.

Exfoliate the day before practicing a gentle scrub on both face both on body, in order to eliminate dead cells and impurities e allow the product to spread out evenly. Then nourish your skin with a moisturizer.

On the same day, wash the skin thoroughly and pat it dry dry it completely before moving on to applying self-tanner.

Forget some areas of the body

If you want your fake tan to be total body you have to be very careful about don’t forget to put the self-tanner anywhere on your body. Immediately it is difficult to notice but once the reaction of the product is triggered you may find yourself with patchy skin or whole body parts clear. At that point remedying could be very difficult, if not impossible, so beware.

The parts of the body that most frequently end up being forgotten in this delicate phase are ears (both behind and in front), nape, elbows and feet, especially in the area between one finger and the other.

To help you avoid making this slip, stand in front of a mirror while you apply the self-tanner, in order to better control your every movement.


Also pay attention to your palms

In reverse, self spreading the self-tanner do not use latex gloves or other types of protection you may find yourself colored an area that shouldn’t be: the palms of the hands.


Overdo the quantities

The self-tanner effect is not instant, so don’t expect to see your skin change instantly. Once dried, they are usually needed at least 3-4 hours for you to start noticing a change in tone.

Some products take an even longer time so if you don’t notice immediate results don’t give in to the temptation to apply more self-tanner, otherwise when the chemical reaction bears fruit you may find yourself with a darker skin than desired or, worse, orange.


In a hurry to get dressed

The self-tanner is not a magical product that is already dry once applied, but it has its own times and must be respected.

Self after putting it on get dressed in a hurry you will run into more than one problem: the first is that rubbing with clothes will determine the partial removal of the product, the second is that in all likelihood what you wear will remain stained forever and you will have to throw it away.

Have patience, therefore, and always respect the instructions and timing that you find on the package. After the exposure time, to be super sure that all the product has been absorbed by the skin, pass a tissue on the body and if it remains clean you can get dressed in peace.


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