Self-tanner: everything you need to know


Self-tanner, yes or no? This is the dilemma! Unless you know all the secrets of this product, to choose whether to use it in total safety and serenity. Here, then, is everything you need to know about this possible helper for your tan.

Longing for summer, desire for a tan. However, you don’t always have the time (or the patience) to get out in the sun and wait for the skin to naturally take on that beautiful golden color that we like so much. And this is why a single question begins to appear in the mind: what if while waiting to show off a Caribbean tan I used theself-tanner?

A product that, although it may seem simple to use (and basically it is), always is important to know thoroughly. To safeguard the natural beauty and health of the skin and obtain that much desired beautiful color, without hitches and errors that can compromise the result. Here, then, all you need to know before deciding whether or not to use self-tanner and show off atan from 10 and praise.

What is self-tanner and how to use it

The first thing to understand before choosing whether to rely on the magical power of self-tanning is to understand exactly what it is. But how? It’s that simple! True, but certainly not entirely. This is why a quick review is always useful before applying any type of product to the skin!

The self-tanner, in fact, whose purpose is to coloring the cute in a very similar way to spending time in the sun, it contains a particular type of molecule, DHA, which derives directly from sugar cane. This, once it comes into contact with the skin, changes color. Giving away a beautiful tan in a matter of hours (the time for the reaction to develop).

A product that acts a bit like a paint, coloring the superficial part of the skin, the stratum corneum, without however stimulating the real responsible for the tan, namely melanin. And this is also why theself-tanning effect is absolutely limited and temporary, it lasts a maximum of three to five days.

self-tanner woman

How to use?

A’flash tan, therefore, and also quite simple to obtain. The self-tanner, in fact, which can be in various formulations (gels, lotions, wipes, sprays, etc.) is applied more or less always in the same way, making circular movements evenly, from bottom to top.

self-tanning application

Just in case you opt for one spray formulation it is better to perform dei longitudinal movements, always from the bottom up. Taking care to leave out the heels and to be super precise in the area of ​​the face (nose, eyebrows and hairline in particular).

Always remembering that, depending on the part of the body to be treated, you will need a different product aimed at the type of skin in that particular area.

self-tanning spray

How to choose the right formulation?

But what is the most suitable formulation? Obviously, it all depends on your skin type and how practical it is to use. For instance:

  • cream: ideal for those with dry skin, to be spread evenly and massaged with extreme care;
  • lotion: a very practical product to use, perfect for those who want a more subtle and gradual result;
  • spray: quick to use, perfect for the body but not for the face;
  • gel: not suitable for those with oily skin, it is easily absorbed and gives a pleasant refreshing effect.

self-tanning formulation

Can the self-tanner be used by anyone?

Another important thing to know and to pay attention to before deciding whether or not to use self-tanner, is to understand if this is possible or not. Not everyone, in fact, can do it. Especially in the presence of skin diseases or problems how:

Always better to consult with a doctor, then. In addition to the fact that those who apply it do not always obtain the desired result. It happens, in fact, that after using the product nothing (or almost) happens. This is due to the fact that in rare cases (about 10-15%) the molecules present in the self-tanner in contact with the keratin on the skin they don’t react. Ending up not coloring the skin.

self-tanner vitiligo

What to do before using it

If at this point you feel ready to give your skin a screaming tan with a nice layer of self-tanner, know that no, it is not yet possible to do so. Like any product that is used on the skin, in fact, it is good to follow a series of steps before its application, guaranteeing an optimal result on the whole body.

In particular, before using the self-tanner it’s important:

  • exfoliate Skin (which should still be done on a regular basis), to eliminate dead cells and prevent the product from accumulating or distributing unevenly;
  • moisturize the skin, to help you absorb the product better, especially in the “hard” and dry areas such as elbows and knees.

And especially, do not rush to finish. The application of the self-tanner should be slow and precise. In a nutshell it takes patience (and be ready to repeat the operation in case it does not come well the first time).

self-tanning exfoliation

Does self-tanner replace sunscreen?

No, not even as a joke! If any of you have thought that opting for self-tanner could be a valid alternative to sunscreen (with the advantage of looking already tanned), know that it is not. In fact, sunscreen and self-tanner are two very different products with equally different functions.

The self-tanner, as seen, is used to color the skin giving a momentary and fictitious tan. Sunscreen, on the other hand, serves to shield the skin and protect it from damage that UV rays they can create like:

  • dehydration;
  • sunburn;
  • skin aging (including wrinkles);
  • rash or irritation;
  • formation of redness;
  • to the formation of skin diseases;
  • tumors.

self-tanning sunscreen

Therefore, even if you want to use self-tanner, it is important always remember to apply sunscreen, always and in any case, and with a suitable SPF value (better if tall) to your natural complexion.

self-tanning complexion

Now that you know everything you can decide with serenity whether or not to use self-tanner. To give an extra touch of color to your skin and your summer. It being understood that, whatever the color of your complexion, you will be always unique and beautiful exactly as you are!

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