Self-tanner: everything you need to know


Tanned skin without exposure to sunlight? Self-tanning can be done with a great beauty ally. Obviously knowing what it is, how to use it and how it acts on the skin. To avoid mistakes and enjoy a guaranteed effect tan!

With the arrival of summer (but not only) also the desire to show off a beautiful golden complexion it is becoming an obsession for many of us. A tan that recalls the sea, the beach and the wildest holidays. However, it is not always possible to have everything immediately, not even a tan. Unless you get help fromally number one of lovers of amber skin, theself-tanner.

A beauty product whose goal is precisely to give the skin a color similar to a tan, in very fast times and in total safety. But are we sure we really know everything about how it works? How it works, how long it lasts and all that is important to know before choosing if and how to use it. Here, then, is what you need to know about this super summer beauty product (but not only).

What is self tanner

First, it is good to understand what self-tanner is. Not something miraculous that allows you to get an amazing tan without the slightest effort, but a beauty product that, like any other, is good know thoroughly before deciding whether to apply it or not on your skin.

The main purpose of the self-tanner, in fact, is to coloring the skin in a very similar way to what you would get by spending a few hours in the sun (more or less depending on your complexion), but without having to expose yourself to sunlight. A good luck for those who have no time / desire but still want to show off a nice tan. But how does it work?

self-tanner product

How does the self-tanner work?

To ensure this particular effect, the self-tanner contains a molecule that derives from sugar cane, dihydroxyacetone or commonly DHA. This, once in contact with the skin, “binds” to the keratin present on the skin, causing a chemical reaction between the two, which allows theepidermis to change color.

But only in its most superficial layer, called corneum. Donating a beautiful golden tan within a few hours. A product with a rapid effect, therefore, (just the time for the skin reaction to occur) but absolutely temporary.

self-tanner woman

How long does the self-tanner effect last?

Precisely for his superficial action on the skin, much like a paint, the self tanner has a limited duration in time. Come on three / five days up to a maximum of seven / ten days if you are among the luckiest. More or less until natural cell turnover occurs. And this is because, as mentioned, by acting superficially it does not go to stimulate melanin responsible for tanning and its hold. But be careful, because this does not apply to everyone.

The molecule present in self-tanners, in fact, does not always react in the same way in contact with the skin. And this happens because in the 10/15% of cases, in the skin there are no proteins and amino acids that contribute to the reaction with the DHA molecule. In these cases, theself-tanner will have no effect on anyone who uses it, leaving the skin exactly as it was before using it. But not only.

Who can’t use it?

In some specific cases, in fact, theself-tanner shouldn’t be used at all. In particular when the skin is already affected by pathologies or disorders such as:

In situations like these it’s always better consult with a doctor and / or dermatologist, not only for the use (not recommended) of the self-tanner but also for any other type of beauty product for the skin.

A step that, among other things, will also allow you to understand which is the most suitable formulation according to your needs.

How many formulations can you choose from?

The self-tanners, in fact, pthey can be of various kinds. More or less indicated also depending on the type of your skin. Among these are:

  • there classic cream: perfect for dry skin, as it is moisturizing as well as coloring, to spread and massage carefully and evenly;
  • drops: excellent for those who are not very experienced because they are easy to dose, 2 or 3 for the face, from 6 to 12 for the rest of the body (and can also be added to normal moisturizer or sunscreen);
  • gel: not particularly suitable for those with oily skin, but with the great advantage of being absorbed quickly, giving the skin a pleasant sensation of freshness;
  • lotion: an ideal product if you want to get a more subtle result (as well as being very practical to use),
  • spray: fast and convenient, but better already be an expert before using it. Not suitable for the face (which requires more targeted attention and care) but perfect for coloring the rest of the body.

Spray self-tanner

How to use?

Regardless of the formulation chosen, however, theSelf-tanner is applied in the same way. In fact, to ensure homogeneity and uniformity of color on the whole body, it is important to carry out some circular movements starting from the bottom and moving gradually upwards (which changes only for the spray formulations, so the movements must be longitudinal).

And always paying maximum attention to the face, especially in the nose, hairline or eyebrows, in areas such as the knees and elbows and avoiding the heel part.

Be careful, then, not to commitmistake to get dressed right away after applying it. Nothing will happen to you, but your clothes will suffer a lot. Better wait the necessary time to let the skin dry well (perhaps using self-tanner in the evening, letting the night bring you a fantastic and smooth tan). And preparing it correctly.

Prepare the skin the right way

To ensure the maximum effect, application and duration from your self-tanner, in fact, it is good that the skin is smooth and even. This is why it is important:

  • exfoliate the skin well (getting a scrub once a week is a good habit regardless);
  • shave at least one day before;
  • carefully moisturize the skin (a few hours before), ensuring a greater hold on the self-tanner.

A safe product, therefore, easy to use and with (almost always) guaranteed effect. That’s enough use it right, without exaggerating and informing you well if it is the right solution for you. To show off a nice tan in total tranquility and perfectly enter the summer mood which you like best.

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