Self-tanner: all the tricks to apply it really well


If you are thinking of self-tanner to give your skin the desired color, be careful how you apply it, otherwise the result may not be the best.

L’use of self-tanner can be a great idea if you want to make your skin as if kissed by the sun but you don’t have the time or the opportunity to really expose yourself. However, a premise is necessary.

Each skin is different and if yours is very clear you should certainly not give it a problem. Even if in the summer any glossy photo in magazines or Instagram shots could make you think that you are out and that the only possible option is to show off a perfect complexion, know that you are wrong. Each of us, in fact, is unique, and it will certainly not be a specific gradation of the skin that will make us more beautiful or safer.

That said, if the desire to achieve a quick tan is just a beauty habit, there is no reason why you should give it up, and as we said, opting for the use of self-tanner is certainly a good choice.

However, this product, if not applied correctly and following all the necessary steps carefully, can generate various kinds of disasters, such as mottled skin or orange complexion.

To avoid this we see how to apply self-tanner really well.


What to do before applying it

Before even moving on to applying self-tanner, you need to worry about some details which could later turn out to be the causes of the following disasters.

Choose the right one

Not all self tanners are created equal and rely on the wrong one could cause yours skin, in the end, more than amber appears Orange. To determine this horror beauty is the presence excessive, in the product used, of DHA, the active ingredient necessary for the browning of the complexion. Each self-tanner has a different percentage that you should check out.

If you have the very light skin choose a c3% concentration or less, at 5% if your complexion is average.


Best in spray

The formulas and delivery methods also differ from product to product. If you are a beginner, it is better to choose a spray solution because it is easier to spread evenly.

Prepare the skin to receive it

For the application to be as homogeneous as possible, the skin of the face and body must be ready to receive the treatment.

For this reason, always do a complete scrub before applying the self-tanner that eliminates dead cells and impurities and makes the skin as smooth as possible. Finally, roll out a good layer of moisturizing cream to feed it.

How to apply self-tanner on your face

Once properly prepared, your skin is ready for self-tanner. The face is a particularly delicate area and as such it deserves attention and a lot of patience.

Take little product at a time so as to be sure not to overdo it.

Run circular movements delicate but incisive, so that the product is able to penetrate to the fullest.

Start in zone T using your fingertips, and then proceed towards the temples. Always move from the bottom up and never the other way around, it blends the eye contour very well and don’t forget the ears.

If you want an even more delicate effect, you can add a few drops of moisturizer to the self-tanner.


How to apply self-tanner on the body

If you plan on using self tanner to give your skin a different tone than normal, it is important to spread it evenly, so as not to cause chromatic differences between face and body.

To apply self-tanner to the body, then, go exactly to the point where you left off when you took care of your face, being careful not to neglect the neck. THE movements they are essentially same and they must also be done in a circular way.

Start at the feet and ankles and work your way up of the body. Don’t forget your navel and toes.


Beware of critical areas

For your back or the parts you can hardly reach, ask for help someone’s e don’t forget to use latex gloves, otherwise at the end of the application you may find yourself with the palms of your hands of a less than optimal color. Finally, there are some areas where you should really apply little product, that is to say elbows and knees because there the skin is drier and thicker and tends to darken more.


Tips in a nutshell

The self-tanner does not dry instantly but it takes a few minutes to absorb. So before you get dressed wait exactly the number of minutes indicated on the package, to avoid finding yourself with stained clothes.

If after the shutter speed you want to be absolutely sure that your skin is dry, pass a tissue over it, if there is no trace left, everything is ok.

Calculate that usually the effect self-tanner lasts from seven to ten days, so after this period, unless in the meantime you decide to really tan, you will have to reapply the product.

After applying self-tanner wait 24 hours before taking a bath or shower, avoiding rubbing the skin with a sponge, which due to its abrasive properties could remove some product.

The self-tanner it does not protect from UV rays, so if after applying it you expose yourself to the sun don’t forget to also spread a sunscreen.


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