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Laurel Taylor

By Iara Avelino

On April 30, 2001

When the cold comes, taking off that versatile piece like the scarf with the wardrobe pocket is a great idea. So, learn to make this type of scarf and get inspired with photos of amazing models.

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How to make a scarf with a pocket

But how to make a scarf with this detail? What is the ideal width for the piece? How to add the pocket? There are several doubts when making this item. Check out the tutorials below:

How to Make a Knitting Maxi Scarf

With the number 10 knitting needle, you will weave a passionate maxi scarf. In the video, you will learn how to make the front and back in the knitting stitch. In addition, you will learn the right size and the correct stitches for each stage.

Shawl scarf with pocket

A simple piece that can be made by beginners. With the video, you will learn how to make a scarf shawl with pocket easily and quickly. With few materials, you will assemble an incredible and passionate piece to warm up during the winter.

Scarf with pocket and fringes: tutorial

To add extra charm to the scarf, you can add fringes. Therefore, the video above brings the step by step to the scarf with a very stylish pocket. Fringes require a little more attention and care, but it is still a simple piece to make.

Yes, it is easy to make this piece to warm up in the winter. With few materials, then, you can make the scarf very stylish and with a special charm.

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10 scarf pictures with pocket to get inspired

Now that you have learned the right points to make the scarf with a pocket, how about getting inspired with amazing photos and models? Check out the inspiration list and fall in love with the item:

1. To start, a very warm scarf inspiration with pocket and cap


2. The maxi scarf is a great idea to warm up more

Ale Ponta Arts

3. The fringed garment gives a greater style to the garment

Rose Neves

4. The scarf can be very long, reaching up to the legs

Laurel Taylor

5. The colors can be the most varied, but a little black dress cannot be missing

Kailany Benvenuto

6. Style is up to you

Marcia Kelly

7. The scarf can also be a piece for children


8. Or a very stylish piece for the winter

About Normal

9. The scarf with hidden pocket, more disguised, is an option


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10. Winter will be more stylish with the scarf

Babu Ribeiro

The scarf with pocket, besides helping to warm up, brings a style and versatility to the cooler look. In addition to the scarf, you can also learn how to make a knit jacket to stay warm and bet on a more romantic look.

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