Sea cycle: how to bathe without a tampon


A week at sea, 5 days of which with the cycle: it seems like a punishment, right? Fortunately, there are solutions to experience a holiday without problems. And not always with a tampon. Here they are below

Let’s face it: cycle and sea almost never get along. And knowing that you will have your period on vacation can create anxiety even before you leave. If all the other “nuisances”, including water retention, are controllable, the question of swimming in the sea becomes delicate. It would be a shame to give it up if crystal clear water such as a swimming pool is expected.
How to bathe with your period? What if I don’t want to wear tampons? How often do I have to change? What costume should I wear? In the following lines, here is the answer to all your questions, to live your summer in freedom.

Go to the beach with your cycle

Managing your menstruation at the seaside can be a little scary about complications & co., But in reality the matter is less complicated than you think. First, know that swimming in the sea can be done without problems. Your body’s contact with sea water has the effect of suspend the flow for about an hour. The reason? This is thanks to the temperature of the sea water which is usually cooler than that of the air. So you can decide to take a bath without sanitary napkin, but calculating the times: to avoid unpleasant surprises it is better not to trust the “coverage” guaranteed by sea water. And then bathing in the sea without sanitary napkin is indicated from the third day of menstruation onwards.

So, for greater safety we suggest you swim in the sea with theinternal absorbent or the menstrual cup. And then to change it or empty it after a couple of hours at the most (or even immediately if you feel safer).
To be able to change easily even in the smallest toilets or changing rooms, we recommend using tampons suitable for your flow and with the applicator with which you are best. Also, don’t forget to check that the lanyard comes out of the costume: it’s nonsense, sure, but it can be enough to make you feel uncomfortable!
Some girls, to feel even safer, add a panty liner, but this is an entirely optional warning.

Can I bathe with the sanitary napkin?

If tampon isn’t your thing, you can try diving in with theexternal absorbent, but only if, once out of the water, you run to change it! The reason is – so to speak – aesthetic in nature: water tends to swell the outer pad, resulting in an increase in volume under the swimsuit and obvious discomfort. You do not get stained, since the water, for osmotic reasons “blocks” the flow for an hour, but the speed of the post-bath must be your strong point! In this case, you may need to change your swimsuit bottom as well, as the new pad will adhere better to dry fabric.
One more tip? Leave a sarong or towel on the water’s edge so you can cover up right away!

Like going to the beach on a cycle without a tampon

But what if you decide to take a bath with neither the internal nor the external tampon? Yes, it is possible to dive into the sea with the cycle and without a sanitary pad, but only if the flow is light and from the third day onwards (unless you have a constitutionally low flow).

Let’s start with advice number 1, that is the costume: it must be dark, better if not very high-cut. Before you go to the beach, make a cold bidet and put on your sanitary napkin. The cold will help keep the flow in check and the absorbent, on the other hand, will give you the measure of its quantity.

Once you get to the beach, get rid of the tampon, and dive right in, after leaving a dark towel on the water’s edge. Again for osmotic reasons of flow blocking thanks to sea water, know that you have a scarce hour of battery life. But, to avoid embarrassment, it is good not to use it all. Once out of the water, wrap yourself in the towel and gently pat your legs. With the rapidity of light, head to a dressing room or a dressing room, and change both the sanitary napkin and the swimsuit, again opting for a dark color.

Do you want to take another bath? Repeat the operation, after checking the extent of your flow.

Cycle and sea: other tips

More tips on menstruation and sea? It may sound trivial, but don’t use toilet paper or kitchen paper as an alternative to absorbent absorbent. You may forget about it and run into inconvenience due to the lack of absorbency of unsuitable papers.

Why do we insist so much on black or blue briefs? In addition to obvious spots, dark colors help to make the belly appear less swollen (even if only at the optical or … mental level).

Chapter sun: in the first days of your period, it is best not to stay for hours under the scorching sun, but it is better to take breaks in the shade and avoid the peak hours from 12 to 15. The heat increases fatigue and low blood pressure. The sun, on the other hand, can interfere with any pain relieving medications which you may have taken to soothe pain, increasing the risk of skin spots, as they are photosensitizing, but never like the birth control pill.

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