Scarf in the hair, 4 ways to wear it


The foulard takes a respectable position among the most versatile and used accessories ever. Its history goes back a long way and over the years it has been interpreted in many different variations, so much so that even its use has changed.

The classic (and most loved) model is the square one: extremely versatile, it can be worn both as a simple bandana and as a headband, while the larger and more rectangular versions they are perfect to use to recreate a turban or to experience an original and absolutely effective hairstyle.

The hair scarf is also an excellent ally you can count on during the hottest days, because it protects your hair and delicate scalp from the violent rays of the sun.

The headscarf in the hair in history

The history of the foulard was born several centuries ago and its name is due to the Provençal foulat which derives from the verb foular, or “full”, a technical term that recalls the fabric manufacturing process, which aims to make it compact and highly resistant.

Its use has very ancient origins: in the West it was initially used by both soldiers and peasants to protect the garment from the sun’s rays, later becoming a mark to indicate the group to which a person belongs or his social rank, and religion has contributed greatly to making it a distinctive feature.

hair scarfThe headscarf in history: from soldiers and peasants to Audrey Hepburn and the hippies. Source: pinterest

The modern foulard, on the other hand, not only has a practical function (protection from the sun’s rays), but also comes mainly used as an accessory to embellish and make every look more original. This new interpretation of his was born in the 30s where it was wrapped on the hair and completed the sparkling outfits that women sported in that decade.

The fashion of the 50s and 60s suggests instead showing it off on every occasion: Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly wore it in a thousand different ways, as a simple bandana or on the neck, while the hippies and the fashion of the 70s reinvent the uses of the scarf, such as slipping it between the loops of jeans and shorts and making it a belt.

The Hermès maison is the first to officially market it in its famous orange boxes, positioning itself over the years as a fashion house icon of the foulard. Christian Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, Chanel, Gucci, Ferragamo are just some of the best known brands that they have interpreted and proposed it in their collections, always proposing and inspiring new ways of using it.

What is the hair scarf for?

Scarves, straw hats and bandanas, as well as being very original accessories to show off on the beach, they also constitute the first protection against the sun’s rays: not only for the delicate scalp but also for the skin of the face. The salt water of the sea or the chlorine water of the swimming pool, the sun’s rays and the sultry heat constitute a mix of elements that make hair dehydrated, brittle and brittle.

Precisely for this reason, during the hottest days and hours it is good to protect yourself carefully from the sun (this naturally applies to both hair and skin), and thanks to the scarf there are some practical tricks to be adopted to prevent burns and unpleasant inconveniences. Before exposing yourself to the sun, generously apply a protective oil to your hair and a high-protection sunscreen all over your body.

Don’t forget to put your hair scarf in your straw bag for the beach or the pool! Just wrap it around your head the way you like it and your scalp will be protected.

After swimming in the sea or in the pool, remember to always rinse with fresh water to remove sea salt or chlorine. Do not comb (never!) Wet hair and if you really want to do it to untangle the knots, help yourself with the delicate comb of your fingers.

Added to this is the recommendation of do not use too tight elastics: alternatively you can use the scarf to softly tie your hair into a ponytail or chignon.

How to wear it? 4 ideas to inspire you

There are endless ways to wear a scarf in your hair. Give the simpler and faster ones, like the classic headband with bow or wrap it around the elastic to create a more romantic effect, to those more complex but absolutely effective.

The turban and the soft bandana

hair scarfHow to wear the scarf in your hair: a turban or a soft bandana. Source: pinterest

For making the turban you just need to choose a large enough scarf and in the fantasy that you like best: fold it into a triangle, place it slightly above the neck with the ends facing outwards. Make a first central bow, near the forehead, and gently insert the excess fabric forming an additional bow to secure the scarf to the head. To make the turban more stable, just apply a few hairpins here and there and that’s it!

Instead, it is much easier to recreate the soft bandana: wear the scarf by placing the longer side near the front hairline and forming a bow behind the nape. Our advice is to choose it in a precious material or in a particular pattern, and opting for a larger size than the standard ones, in this way you will have an elegant and absolutely chic headdress.

The scarf woven into the hair

hair scarfWear the scarf in your hair intertwining it with the hairstyles. Source: pinterest

The most original and innovative way to use the scarf in the hair is to braid it directly and involve it in all your hairstyles. To insert it inside a long braid, just divide the hair into two sections and use the scarf as if it were the third. In this way, at the end, you will have an original and absolutely unique hair style!

The use of the foulard to embellish and make the messy bun or low chignon even more romantic: all you have to do is wrap the fabric close to the elastic with which you tied your hair and let the two ends fall romantically.

The models to have

The square model, as well as the most popular, is perfect to be worn as a headband with a bow or as a bandana.

Vbiger square hair scarf

Vbiger square hair scarf

The accessory you were missing

The foulard is a perfect accessory to give an original touch to all your outfits, both for day and evening. Vbiger offers four different sets containing many different patterns that you can wear on your hair, weaving them into different hairstyles or as a simple bandana to protect your head from the sun’s rays, or you can also wear them around your neck.

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  • Available in four different sets containing different patterns and quantities: some boxes are available with 12 different patterns, others with the variant of 6
  • Thanks to the multiple patterns, you can wear them combining them with all your outfits
  • Made of satin


  • The scarf is square and measures 50cm by 50cm

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For those who are beginners or do not have much time available to devote to the construction of a hair style with the scarf, there are numerous alternatives already prepared for use made with fabrics that recall the original prints of the scarves.

Vamei headband

Vamei headband

To wear at any time

An absolutely practical and fast accessory: the Vamei hair bands are perfect to be worn at any time of the day. Available in a set with 6 different patterns, the headbands are very soft and stretchy, fit well on the head and each model features a soft front knot.

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  • The set consists of 6 bands all in different patterns
  • They are very soft and fit well on the head thanks to the elastic
  • Made of cotton


  • After wearing it, it softens further, so it is recommended to secure it with some bobby pins

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