Sagging eyelids: causes, remedies and make-up

Palpebre cadenti: come correggerle senza ricorrere alla chirurgia

Among the most annoying blemishes women have to deal with with advancing age, there is certainly the problem of eyelid ptosis, i.e. drooping eyelids. Problem that can be annoying on an aesthetic level, but that could also affect vision and therefore should not be underestimated.

It is worth underlining that a blemish is such only when we ourselves perceive it: aaccepting or not accepting aging and its consequences is up to us and there are no right or wrong ways to age, as our Rossella Boriosi reminds us in this article.

Sagging eyelids: causes

The problem of drooping eyelids, in reality, is not only related to age. The sagging of the upper or lower eyelidin fact, it can also be due to a genetic predisposition factor and therefore can make its appearance at a young age.

Furthermore, it can occur as a result of improper development of the muscle responsible for lifting the upper eyelid: this condition sometimes appears from birth. Diabetes and muscular dystrophy also have links to eyelid ptosis.

Sagging eyelids: remedies

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Against droopy eyelids you can proceed in two ways. There surgical way it is certainly the most demanding and decisive one, but it must be carefully evaluated with your doctor. Less impactful but still helpful, it can be one aesthetic correction. Of course, relying on products does not guarantee the same result as surgery, but it still avoids going under the knife.

Definitely less invasive is also the facial gymnastics, another quite valid and softer solution than an intervention. These are specific exercises for the periocular muscle.
One is to blink repeatedly, then close your eyes for twenty seconds and finally reopen them and keep them wide open for another twenty.
Or again, another exercise consists of pulling the corners of the eyes outwards with the fingertips of the fingers and at the same time trying to open and close the eyes at least ten times in a row.

Aesthetic remedies

The cold helps, so one of the best products if you have this problem is the gel mask to keep in the refrigerator, and then apply it on the eyes. Then there are several valid serums for the eye contour, just as useful. Finally, the Wonderstripes are on sale, small invisible stickers to be placed in the crease of the eye capable of instantly lifting the eyelid, and then proceeding with the application of make-up.

Surgical remedies

Blepharoplasty is the cosmetic surgery procedure specifically dedicated to the correction of eyelid blemishes. Choosing this path means first of all carefully evaluating its feasibility, based on the quality of the skin and periocular muscles, the bone structure of the face, and the possible presence of other aesthetic defects. These are all very personal and subjective factors, which make the intervention more or less recommended to the various individuals concerned. It is also necessary to take into consideration the possible presence of pathological conditions that could negatively interfere with the success of the intervention, such as coagulation defects or scarring problems.

Normally we proceed under local anesthesia, general anesthesia is used only in specific cases due to the patient’s health conditions and needs. You can intervene on the upper or lower eyelids and the operation consists in the removal of the folds of skin fat.

Makeup for droopy eyelids

There correction of drooping eyelids through make-up can give amazing results. Few but effective measures can really give new life to the look.

THE four tips valuable to keep in mind are:

  1. to apply Fake eyelashes, which help to open the gaze or alternatively an excellent one mascara, perhaps with fibers, to intensify it in a less artificial way;
  2. realize a eye contouring playing with lights and shadows, to enhance the eye in the best possible way by hiding imperfections. The technique allows you to sculpt the eye contour area, giving a dark shade to the area of ​​the lash line and a gradually lighter one as you get closer to the eyebrows;
  3. prefer colors from neutral shades (brown, taupe) and with a satin finish;
  4. avoid eyeliner, which could be difficult to apply and indeed counterproductive as an optical effect. Better a blendable pencil, to be modulated with a brush perhaps also with the help of a dark eyeshadow.

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