Ruffles, layers and a lot of style: these two low cost guest dresses from Sfera are impressive (and they have a matching mask)


The world of weddings has become complicated for us with this pandemic. There are not so many anymore and the ones that do exist are with restrictions. But if you decide to go to one, in addition to choosing the right guest dress, shoes, accessories and bag, now you also have to worry about the mask. Because you are not going to wear a ball gown with a surgical one, which dazzles the whole outfit. Sfera, which is a brand that we love, has always had beautiful dresses and it doesn’t matter if your style was original or classic, it always has an option for you.

Searching their website we have found two ideal dresses to wear at any day event and, if you combine them with a good heel, they become the best guest dress. And at a good price, which is what we are always looking for. In addition, we have found the ideal masks to round off the whole so you don’t have to look any further. Aim.

The first dress is this yellow ruffled and asymmetrical. It is a short dress with an off the shoulder, giving it the right sexy touch for any occasion. You can find it for 59.99 euros.

You can combine it with this gold sequin mask from Asos that is on sale in a pack of two for 20.99 euros.

The next dress is this beige pleated layered dress with high neck and mini cut. This one is more demure than the last one, so you could wear it to a church wedding without your great-aunt giving you a bad look. It costs only 49.99 euros.

To combine it, we have found an ideal mask also made of sequins and also from Asos, but it is in taupe. Its price is 12.49 euros.

The rest of the look is up to you, but with this you have almost everything won. And at a very reasonable price.

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