Rosa Clará turns 25 in fashion: how the queen of wedding dresses is still on top


More than 500 direct workers and another 1,000 indirect; 140 own stores in 80 countries and another 4,000 points of sale; 16 different collections a year, celebrities from all over the planet (Eva Longoria, Carolina de Mónaco, Mery Perelló, Paulina Rubio, Antonella Roccuzzo) ordering her … The figures she handles Rosa Clará give for a lot of celebration in the silver weddings that he meets this year and that he had planned to start celebrating last spring. Although the pandemic ruined all his plans, this 61-year-old from Barcelona who handles the helm of the first Spanish bridal fashion firmFar from being upset and immobile, he continues with his internationalization projects with contagious enthusiasm.

I have two children: the natural and the company; uniting both of them is my dream come true. “

“We will celebrate other anniversaries. There will be time, we will continue for another 25 and 50 years, ”he says with a smile. We had many events organized and we were very excited, because we also arrived at the celebration with a sales record: 2019 was a year of growth and international expansion spectacular. Clients and friends from all over the world were coming, and suddenly the Covid came into our lives and changed everything. But this must be taken as a parenthesis, very painful for many, but a situation that we will overcome and will pass ”.

Emery dress from the Rosa Clará collection  Couture 2021.

Emery dress from the Rosa Clará Couture 2021 collection.

In its sewing workshop in the Barcelona neighborhood of Pedralbes, one of the three buildings it has in Catalonia and from which the bulk of its production comes out, the rhythm has picked up again after the first months of hiatus. “Next year we will all go to a wedding. Better times will come and we will all want to celebrates ”, he says with the same vitality and optimism as in 1995, when he started with a store on Paseo de Gracia. “Youth is in the brain,” he points out while posing in a fitted jacket suit and skinny pants, showing off a figure that he maintains with daily exercise at seven in the morning.

“She is a champion,” says her son, Daniel Clará. “She is charming, intelligent, good mother… She is an admirable woman ”, he adds. “Nothing is easy in life,” she continues. Everything is achieved with effort. I, in these 25 years that have passed me like a sigh, I have left many things on the way. I have sacrificed a large part of my life for the company. I missed, for example, a lot of my son’s childhood”, He points out, looking with complicity at Daniel, an architect by training and recently joined the company. “Well, I have two children, the native and the company,” he says, smiling again. And I am happy that it has been incorporated, that the future is guaranteed as a Spanish and family business. Uniting both of them is my great dream come true ”.

Rosa Clar & aacute;  and his only son, Daniel, who has joined the family business, pose in his workshop in Barcelona.

Rosa Clará and her only son, Daniel, who has joined the family business, pose in her workshop in Barcelona.

It is seen at first glance that the mother-child relationship is splendid. “We are friends,” says he, who returned to Barcelona in the summer after spending several years in the United States and China, studying business masters and getting to know two key markets in depth. for the firm “We have a lot to grow. The coming years will bring new challenges, new adaptations to the needs of women and, ultimately, to what the brides want. It is a very exciting path ”, concludes Daniel Clará.

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