Rocío Camacho’s blue mini dress that solves any guest look


It’s a Light Blue Long Sleeve Cutout Mini Dress, with a curious button detail with which you can attend any event. And it has been designed by the influencer Rocío Camacho for her firm @ In fact, it is part of his latest collection that bears the Oasis name and which he presented this week.

“Oasis is based on the mixture of energies produced by water and earth, hence the colors that you will find in the collection are blue and raw. Positive energies charged with forceza, joy and vitality ”, explains the influencer who, in addition, has just published a book entitled Co (n) reason in which he expresses his vital concerns.

His other passion Fashion, had to leave it parked for a few months because of the pandemic. “COVID forced us to stop, and the truth is that it did us a huge favor, because it has helped the entire team to charge the batteries already rethink the brand like never before we had done it before ”.

And the result of that rethinking is Oasis, a collection in which there is room for dresses, tops, pants with a lot of personality. “I was very clear that in this collection I was going to put everything of myself to be the unique, special and exclusive thing that it has ended up being. It represents the strength, attitude, personality and charisma that the brand has acquired these months, “he explains.

“The name of the garments are names of women who have marked a before and after in history, and I think that is also Seima ”, he concludes.

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