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Taking care of your skin is a good habit that each of us, man or woman, should have; and not for aesthetic reasons, or rather, not only. It is fine to use creams and serums to avoid the appearance of wrinkles that can make us feel uncomfortable with our appearance, but having a constant beauty routine serves above all to do good to our body, starting from face, the part of us that is always exposed to the sun and the elements, and that could most easily suffer from low light, premature aging or dryness.

It is useless, however, to expect miracles: creams and serums work, but constant application is needed for the results to arrive.

Anti-aging news: the retinol night serum

Every time we apply an anti-aging product, we almost inevitably expect a small miracle: already after the first application, the tendency is to glue ourselves to the mirror to check the result. As can be easily guessed, the skin does not transform in a few seconds, “magically” reabsorbing wrinkles, where our will is to conceal their presence, or by erasing spots and other visible signs. The most effective anti-aging products, however, are able to rapidly improve the appearance of the skin, offering noticeable results already after a few weeks. Among these is the new Revitalift Laser by L’Oréal Paris, an innovative night serum with pure concentrated retinol. Let’s see why to focus on this new ally of beauty and skin elasticity. If you are impatient to know the benefits and results you can find out everything at this link:

Retinol: why choose L’Oréal

When it comes to retinol – and, more generally, of retinoids – the challenge is to obtain an anti-aging product that is at the same time well tolerated by the skin and that boasts good efficacy. This type of molecules, in fact, tends to be unstable, degrading in contact with air and light. In addition to this, applying highly concentrated retinol without giving the skin time to gradually get used to it can cause unpleasant redness and dryness, which is why retinol should not be applied all sets. L’Oréal, however, well aware of this complexity, thanks to the experience gained in over 20 years in the field of formulation with retinol, has developed an anti-wrinkle serum with a decidedly innovative formulation, which adds, to pure retinol, hyaluronic acid, glycerin and light oils: a perfectly balanced set of ingredients that offers high anti-aging efficacy, while minimizing the sensation of skin dryness.

Ultra-concentrated retinol: results on wrinkles

L’Oréal’s Revitalift Laser serum has a texture designed to offer maximum comfort to all skin types, which with a concentration of pure retinol equal to 0.2% it acts deeply even on the most marked wrinkles. However, it is not a question of “hunting” the signs of aging, also because, as mentioned, miracles are not to be expected with respect to the signs of aging, but results yes: with the serum only a few applications are enough to notice in general a softer, smoother and more hydrated skin, with a much more homogeneous and luminous texture and complexion already after one month.

Revitalift Laser: how to use it

We mentioned the need to accustom the skin to retinol: it is important that the skin gradually familiarizes itself with this ingredient. The Revitalift Laser night serum is designed to prevent and minimize any sensation of “tightness of the skin” or the onset of irritation or redness. Obviously, however, that together with the use of the serum, products that protect from the sun must be used, such as a cream with a sunscreen. Furthermore, it is important to respect the “roadmap” and limit yourself to two applications the first week, then using the anti-aging serum every other night, and finally apply it regularly, starting from the third week, but only if well tolerated. Always remember, then, the use of the moisturizer after the retinol serum. At this point, all that remains is to indulge in a good restful sleep, doubly regenerating for the skin thanks to Revitalift Laser

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