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Fall is the main suspect, but when it comes to damaged hair, fragile and dull, there is no seasonality that holds. Because, net of popular beliefs and the cycle of life that rewinds with each change of season, the hair mainly suffers from attacks from external agents and bad personal aesthetic habits, in a vicious circle that often does not keep them at their best. .

Inadequate products, wrong and too aggressive accessories do the rest. And finding whole locks in your hand, greeting your hair at every wash and finding many – too many – stuck between the bristles of the brush is not exactly the best. Having healthy hair all year round, however, is not an impossible mission, just make a pact with the right allies, preferably natural ones. Brushes with the right bristles, skin massages and even lunar cycles (according to some) can become allies in this challenge that focuses on the well-being of the hair.

But it is above all what makes the difference keratin is panthenol: two essential ingredients for hair health. Net of other solutions that we will now go to see, one hair mask with keratin like the Nanoil Keratin Mask it is an essential product to regenerate and hydrate even the most difficult hair. The challenge is to choose the right products, which contain the elixir of life (read: proteins) for damaged and stressed hair. And say goodbye to those habits that just aren’t good for the hair.

SOS damaged hair, because it gets damaged

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Hair undergoes external agents such as pollution, aggressive treatments and temperatures, but it also suffers internal fluctuations: states of anxiety and stress, for example. And yes, i too season changes affect the health of the hair. According to research from the British Journal of Dermatology that analyzed Google searches for “hair loss” there is a correlation between changing seasons and this phenomenon.

The data collected confirm that summer and autumn are the periods in which we lose the most hair, with a peak between August and September. In summer there is the peak of what trichologists call the phase telogen: the one in which the hair is at rest, it does not tend to grow and come out of the follicle and at the first trauma (brushed, for example) it falls out because it is too weak. This is why in the autumn we perceive a larger fall which often makes us worry.

Heat (such as those of a hairdryer and straightener), aggressive or wrong treatments and even the sun can give the final blow to already stressed hair.

The thin thread that connects the internal well-being to that of the hair is often underestimated, but it is precisely on our state of health that their strength or, on the contrary, their weakness often depends. The hair often weakens for one iron deficiency and in particular of proteins, the main constituent element of the hair: in these cases acting from several fronts – for example by taking adequate supplements as well as using specific and reinforcing products for external use – can be the solution.

Damaged hair, 5 tips that work

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1. The right product to give the hair a “drink”

Masks and packs to strengthen stressed hair, restore shine and new strength are the key to this path that regenerates the hair. There Nanoil Keratin Mask, for example, mix the properties of panthenol and keratin to repair and restore the internal structures of the hair composed of these protein elements, as well as reduce and prevent their breakage, moisturize them and make them shine. All this with at least one application a week, after the normal shampoo.

2. Cut the tips often (following the lunar cycles)

It seems a popular belief but not everyone thinks so: even if there is no scientific basis, following the phases of the moon can bring great benefits to the hair and it is the experience of many that speak. According to the lunar calendar, it is necessary to cut the 2 centimeters necessary to restore the hair during the full and crescent moon, the equinoxes and the solstices. The new moon is the enemy of hair, so never go to the hairdresser on those days of the month.

3. Watch out for the brush

And the brush? Often, if used incorrectly, it is the enemy of this process that aims to take care of the hair. Changing the way we brush our hair after shampooing, for example, is fundamental: it is better to start untangling the ends and then dedicate yourself to the lengths in their entirety, all with brushes from natural bristles. Also pay attention to how they dab with the towel after washing them: tightening too much is equivalent to giving the final blow to the fiber of the hair. Always to protect it and avoid frizz, passing the hair under cold water immediately after rinsing it helps to keep the humidity that holds its structure together.

4. Protect the hair from heat

To escape the damage of pollution or atmospheric agents we can do little, while instead we have full control over exposure to heat – for example from hairdryers and hair straighteners – to which we subject our hair even two or three times a week. Protecting the hair with a thermo-protective spray becomes essential before proceeding with the styling.

5. The art of scalp massage

Washing your hair and applying the right products to keep it healthy is one thing, giving yourself a scalp massage every time you shampoo is another. And the second option is, of course, the best solution to spend relaxing moments and focus on the health of the hair, from the scalp to the lengths. With the massage yes stimulate the follicles, going to “tease” them so that they come out of the bulb. And the hair is strengthened because the skin’s vascular system is stimulated, which is the key to bringing oxygen and therefore vitality to its entire structure.

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