Remedies for white and spotless teeth


Having a white and shiny teeth is a very common desire, but it is not always easy to obtain, also because some foods and drinks – such as coffee – as well as bad habits – such as smoking or not practicing proper oral hygiene – can stain teeth or make them take on a yellowish color. In addition to caring for our teeth, and the health of the breath, it is important to keep the enamel intact. A bright, dazzling smile equals white, blemish-free teeth, but it doesn’t have to be limited to just the image. It is important that the teeth are not only cleaned, but that they are also cared for and intact. For this reason, in addition to toothpaste, and constant attendance with the dentist, it is good to whiten them in a natural way. Nature offers us useful protagonists for the health of our teeth, both as ingredients for mouthwashes and toothpastes, and as unique protagonists for teeth whitening. One of these is the strawberry paste, to be kept on the teeth for at least 5 minutes, to ensure a good natural whitening effect. (Continue reading after the photo)

But how is it prepared? It is very simple, just cut and crush a strawberry, then spread the pulp obtained on the teeth. As always, it is good to use everything sparingly, maximum twice a week, in order not to obtain the opposite effect. Other natural remedies. Take a sip of water after a cup of coffee or after a glass of red wine. Apple cider vinegar also works to give teeth color and shine. The lemon zest, rubbed on the teeth, has a whitening power. And in general, lemon is a precious ally against yellow and stained teeth. (Continue reading after the photo)

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Another product that you can use to prevent stains from appearing on your teeth and whiten them is baking soda. Also in this case the procedure Mix baking soda and hydrogen peroxide to make a paste of the consistency of toothpaste. Then brush the stains by focusing on the blackened areas, making sure that the solution does not touch the gums. Be careful not to use too much hydrogen peroxide, which can cause burns. (Continue reading after the photo)

Not only. In addition to the use of products (natural or chemical) to keep a white and shiny teeth and avoid those hateful spots you have to make the right movements. That’s right. To brush your teeth well you have to proceed from top to top and not horizontally, as we tend to do. Avoid applying excessive pressure and be gentle on the gums: clean your teeth as you would a delicate surface, avoiding sudden movements and abrasive tools.

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