Reduce fat pads? Try the new slimming creams


They refine the silhouette and reshape the body because they help dissolve the fat cells, responsible for the antitestical accumulations of fat. So wearing skinny jeans will be easier!

Streamline the body it is not a goal that can only be achieved with diet and exercise. Sometimes slimming creams are needed as some grease pads they can be resistant to even the most low-calorie diets or the most intense sports. The reason? Eating too little can in the long run attack lean mass and leave fat unchanged, which for physiological reasons is interpreted by the body as a sort of “emergency reserve” to be used in case of famine. To use a metaphor, it is as if the body accumulates cells (of fat) to avoid being too dry (due to prolonged fasting).
And then reduce the fatty deposits through sport requires targeted training with weights and dumbbells that are not always easy to implement. It takes a qualified personal trainer to teach him exercises targeted against the bearings on the back (the so-called love handles) or on the hips and inner thigh (the infamous culotte de cheval). Maybe it was enough just to walk briskly or run, to dry the rebellious areas!

Here they can come to the rescue slimming creams which act directly on fatty deposits by attacking the cells responsible for their formation.

Why bearings are formed

Mainly responsible for the bearings, especially on thighs, hips and belly it’s hypodermic fat cells, located in the subcutaneous fatty tissues, in the interstices of the collagen network, directly under the dermis. These cells, for hormonal or food-related reasons, can increase in size up to 60 times and therefore determine the unsightly accumulations of flab. When accompanied by cellulite, they manifest themselves with orange peel skin. Circulation that is no longer optimal due to age and a lymphatic system that does not work as it should also favor theaccumulation of water and the deposition of waste substances within the connective tissues. All this translates into unsightly rolls which make the silhouette more swollen.

Slimming creams do they work?

Slimming creams are aimed at dissolve fat, what in technical jargon is called “destocking”. They are therefore different from anti-cellulite creams which mainly fight water retention. How to know if you need slimming or anti-cellulite creams? Touch the area that worries you (e.g. thighs) e pinch it lightly as if you wanted to “take” a piece of skin: if it is soft and forms holes, you need an anti-cellulite. If instead the skin is relatively firm, while remaining soft, but does not have holes, yours is more a problem of adipose accumulation. And then a slimming cream will work best on you.

The active ingredients of slimming creams

The effective slimming active ingredients are various and all the result of cosmetic-scientific research more advanced. We report the ones that work the most:

  • The now classic caffeine, which activates lipid splitting within fat cells to reduce their volume. The fatty acids released by this process are then disposed of via the bloodstream.
  • There Indian forscolin, a substance extracted from nettle, which has a slimming effect and promotes the disposal of waste products resulting from metabolic processes. It also activates blood circulation and microcirculation, dilates blood and lymphatic vessels to promote lymphatic flow. Accelerate it disposal of free fatty acids, moving the deposits of liquids in the tissues and favoring their disposal.
  • The Algae, particularly active as slimming. They act by indirectly stimulating the degradation of lipids and inhibiting perlipin A, whose main role is to protect persistent lipids in adipocytes from the disposal process.
  • The Ganoderma mushroom, a powerful antioxidant that counteracts the loss of elasticity.
  • L’Ximeninic acid: active ingredient extracted from sandalwood seeds, able to strengthen the dermal matrix. The skin is more toned and elastic due to the natural “sheath effect” remodeling action.

Products against bearings and accumulations of flab

Is yours more a problem of diet and exercise resistant rolls? Here is DMBeauty’s selection of slimming creams. In addition to reducing critical areas by a few centimeters, some products also improve the appearance of cellulite and have a firming action. As always, to see the results, consistency is a must! At least 3 months to say goodbye to body imperfections you have to take them into account.

Body Slim by LIERAC

Slimming Rebel Areas by SOMATOLINE COSMETIC

BIOPOINT Anticellulite Ampoules

COLLISTAR critical areas remodeling patch

Perfect Body Redux Stick

Résponse Body – Slim Motion by MATIS (in the living room)

Lipo Reducer by RILASTIL

Bioslimming Trio by NAILEVO (in the living room)

Nutri-modeling by FILORGA

Gel Ripo-reducteur from LPG (in the living room)

EISENBERG Slimming Serum

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