Red stretch marks, the messages our skin is sending us


What are red stretch marks, why do they form and what do they mean? Here are the answers you are looking for to understand exactly what these streaks on the skin are and learn how to prevent them, but also to love them.

As far as the red or white stretch marks, are an absolutely natural detail of the body (affects about 80% of women and 30% of men), when you are on the skin of the legs, thighs, buttocks and even breasts, those slight streaks, more or less marked, often the reason is not understood. And this also happens because, they can occur at any age and regardless of physicality of each. Without any limitation.

If on the one hand, therefore, there is nothing to be ashamed of but on the contrary, it is important to learn how to enhance your body in every single aspect, on the other hand, it is also good to understand the reasons why red stretch marks appear (they are the first to show up) and what signals the body is sending us.

What are stretch marks

The first thing to understand, therefore, is what stretch marks are, which as you may have noticed can be of two types and colors, red and white. And this varies according to the more or less advanced stage in which they are found.

Red stretch marks are the first to appear as a ‘alteration of the dermis, the layer of the skin that lies deeper. Specifically, what happens is a kind of laceration or fracture, a lesion of the collagen fibers, for which real and proper are formed scars on the skin, precisely the red stretch marks.

Red stretch marks Vs white stretch marks

Their color essentially depends on the moment of formation of the stretch mark itself, a bit like all the other scars that, for various reasons, form on the body (from the ruinous fall you did as a child to the first use of a pot that went wrong).

As soon as they form, in fact, the stretch marks are red, since the inflammation is alive, young and can be slightly raised. Over time, then, these “stabilize”, gradually becoming lighter to white. But why are they formed?

red stretch marks on arms

Why red stretch marks are formed

Surely the reasons why this tear occurs in the dermis are many. The most common, however, is undoubtedly the loss of skin elasticity which can be caused by events such as:

  • a rapid weight loss or accumulation (and this explains why red stretch marks form above all in those areas most subject to size variations, such as buttocks, legs or breasts);
  • diets sudden;
  • little care skin and daily hydration.

But not only.

red stretch marks hydration

Puberty, pregnancy and menopause

Red stretch marks, in fact, can also occur in three very specific moments in the life of women:

  • during puberty, following all those beautiful modifications of the body that transform from little girls to women;
  • in pregnancy, for normal belly enlargement and hormonal changes;
  • in menopause.

maternity red stretch marks

Other causes of red stretch marks

In addition to:

  • pathologies which generate a high cortisol production (the hormone produced by the adrenal glands and which inhibits the production of collagen and elastin, depriving the skin of its natural vitality);
  • pharmacological treatments based on corticosteroids;
  • stresses excessive in sports (for example for those who practice activities such as body building).

All factors that can affect the natural balance of the skin, weakening the elastin contained in the epidermis and causing stressful situations for the body. Inflammation of the epidermis.

Red stretch marks, the message of the body (and how to act)

What the body is telling us, then, is that it manifests through red stretch marks, is that something wrong. We have shortcomings and it is necessary increase your hydration and restore a situation of balance and well-being that starts from within.

red stretch marks drink

To do this you can act through three fundamental steps (which are also the same ones that guarantee you to stay healthy both inside and out):

  • drink lots (lots of) water (that is to say, keeping a bottle with you at all times should be the norm);
  • moisturize the skin with super nourishing creams based on shea butter or even almond, argan oils, etc. But also by applying aloe vera or cocoa butter to the body. A fundamental step in your daily beauty routine and a way to avoid creating the basis for the formation of red stretch marks;
  • follow one diet rich in vitamins and minerals, preferring fruits and vegetables that help the skin to remain elastic, also giving you a fresh appearance and a cute shiny and beautiful.

Focus feeding

In particular, to help the skin stay healthy and prevent training of red stretch marks, it is important to follow a diet rich in proteins, zinc, vitamins A, C and D (and in this the sunny summer days will help you). But also dried fruit, perfect for making the skin supple and blueberries, a source of antioxidants and very useful for promoting collagen production.

red stretch marks fruit

Little good habits to maintain the correct balance of the skin, the largest organ of our body, while preserving its health and general well-being.

For this reason, never forget to follow a targeted and capable beauty routine nourish and protect your skin. It being understood that, if in spite of everything red stretch marks should form, they will not affect your natural beauty in the least. But, indeed, they will add to those little details that make you absolutely unique and that it is important to learn to value. Proud and sure of you.

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