Red carpet Venice 2021: the votes for the looks according to the color scheme


On the web and on social media, a slogan goes wild that says “it’s not magic, it’s Color Blush!”, And if there is a place in the world where the choice of colors is fundamental, it is a red carpet, like that of this brand new Venice film exhibition! We are in its 78th edition and we can’t wait to vote for the chromatically most beautiful beauty looks…you are ready?

We do not remember the past edition for beauty looks and sensational dresses, thanks to the historical situation we are going through, perhaps the movie stars did not want to exaggerate with jokes and jokes, opting instead for a respectful sobriety. On the other hand, it is precisely on this red carpet that we expect a level of glamor worthy of Hollywood, which in terms of spectacularity is the reference benchmark. The charm of Venice, a city acclaimed for its beauty from all over the world, is undeniable and acts as a frame, just like a painting: we just have to be amazed by the most beautiful beauty looks selected for you, winking as always to the ‘Armocromia, the science of friendly colors that makes us beautiful!

Penelope Cruz and the charm of darkness

On the chromatic season of Penelope Cruz the debate is open: there are those who define her as an autumn woman, sunny and Mediterranean and those who define her as a winter, lunar and cold woman. What everyone agrees on is that her “dominant” is being dark and intense and her magnetism is above any color category: when she arrives the world stops! Her beauty look is always true to itself on the red carpets and it is also in Venice: double focus on eyes and lips, in cold colors (black for the eyes and burgundy for the lips), highlighted by an essential crop and elegant. The amazing black dress confirms the “diva” mood of this look which is worth an 8 for us!

Mariacarla Boscono, Greek goddess in purple

Statuary like a Greek goddess, come on Mariacarla Boscono there is no doubt, she is a winter woman … “absolute”! Her essential beauty look that focuses on the contrast between the lunar whiteness of the skin and the dark and glossy hair is perfect for its color typology. The matte burgundy lipstick, matching the gorgeous dress, beautifully finishes this extremely sophisticated and eye-catching look. For us it is a wow, which translated into number could be a nice … 8 and a half!

Mariacarla Boscono, beautiful and charming winter woman Mariacarla Boscono, beautiful and charming winter woman

Greta Ferro and her raspberry touch!

How she wears it, the messy long bob with bangs, none! It looks like it was invented specifically for her fresh and delicate face. This beautiful Italian girl has a vague French allure and a bearing that would be the envy of a princess. That said Greta Ferro she is a winter woman, in her most delicate version, however, because of her green eyes and light brown hair. The raspberry red lipstick, an ideal shade for cold and very light complexions, in contrast to the diaphanous skin, is a very sophisticated choice as well as chromatically correct, well supported by the splendid midnight blue dress. We would not like to exaggerate, but for us it is a 9!

Greta Ferro, winter woman in its most delicate version Greta Ferro, winter woman in its most delicate version

Adriana Lima in bronze look

Adriana Lima belongs to a special chromatic season, that of the very lucky bright spring like Paola Turani and Sara Sampaio: warm complexion, jewel eyes and naturally dark hair, what more do you want from life ?! The make-up designed for Adriana is played on the warm tones of bronze for the eyes and nude flesh for the lips, a perfect mix to enhance her Latin beauty. Doesn’t the wavy and loose hair on the shoulders and the red sequined dress (and palette!) Remind you a little of the perturbing Jessica Rabbit? For us it’s a nice 7.

Adriana Lima belongs to the rare and beautiful bright spring palette Adriana Lima belongs to the rare and beautiful bright spring palette

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