Red carpet Cannes 2021, let’s give the marks to beauty looks with armocromia


Here we are, after 1 year of hiatus due to the pandemic, the glittering Cannes Film Festival returns, in its 74th edition, more awaited (and hopefully glamorous) than ever! Green light therefore to the funniest sport practiced in this kind of occasions: comment on the looks of the actors! And we will do it in an Armocromatic key!

The arrival of celebrities on the Cannes red carpet it is a ritual with a dress code typical of high-caliber social events such as a film festival, so for the evening the black tie, which means a tuxedo for men and high heels are highly recommended for women, a beauty look glamor and an evening dress, even if not necessarily long (but the knee length makes you turn up your nose!). Yes but… what color? Actresses, brands and stylists have two goals to achieve through beauty look and the outfit: enchant and obtain approval from the adoring public and be remembered and thus obtain as many publications as possible of the look studied in detail. After all, this red carpet on the Côte d’Azur is one of the most glamorous in Europe, if you don’t make sparks with likes and views here… where?

Armocromia film

Perhaps you have never noticed it but in the films you can identify precise color palettes, both on the characters and in the environments, which help to convey a certain message. We have already talked about the history of color change and saw how in the field of cinema, thanks to the study of makeup and outfits of Hollywood stars, the concept of “color harmony“. Right here in Cannes, in the 50s, the splendid and unforgettable Grace Kelly he was the protagonist of a film taken as an example in Armocromia for his “summer” palette, in line with Kelly’s cold, clear and soft chromatic characteristics: “Hunt a Thief” of 1955, as well as the looks of the protagonist, are a compendium of pure color harmony.

The color on the red carpet is essential to create maximum focus on the face of the actresses and is the first element on which a look is judged. Let’s see the chromatically most beautiful examples of this festival!

Marion Cotillard: silver queen

A hyper-sophisticated beauty look that of the Cotillard: a taupe shade on the eyes and bare lips, supported by the silvery glow of the splendid single shoulder lace dress. Perfection, considering that she belongs to the “summer” color season, specifically “cold” summer, because of her blue eyes and ash brown hair. She could have dared a more intense lipstick to light up the blue iris, but her lunar look deserves an 8 and a half!

Jessica Chastain: burgundy and rubies

Burgundy lipstick, ruby ​​necklace and black velvet on natural red hair: Jessica’s glamor! She is a (lucky) “spring” woman, specifically “hot”, because of her copper hair. The wine-colored lips and the black bustier in contrast with the white and luminous ivory skin are eye-catching. Even if some brighter and warmer colors would have enhanced its chromatic season more and its natural light for us is a 7 and a half!

Jessica Chastain, spring woman, with burgundy lipstick and ruby ​​collier in contrast to hers Jessica Chastain, spring woman, with burgundy lipstick and ruby ​​collier contrasting with her bright ivory complexion

Ester Esposito: tropical flower

When you belong to the “autumn” season, in this case “soft” you are very versatile in terms of color and Ester hits the beautifully golden skin, the moss-colored eyes and the honey shades in the hair. The nude beauty look in warm and nuanced tones is finished with emerald earrings and the touch of amethyst purple on the dress: it reminds us of an exotic and colorful tropical flower! A beautiful harmony that deserves an 8 for us.

Ester Exposito, autumn woman, with a warm and soft beauty look, enhanced by emerald earrings Ester Exposito, autumn woman, with a warm and soft beauty look, enhanced by the emerald earrings and the purple amethyst dress

Elisa Sednaoui: mermaid in nude look

Nude makeup and super-natural loose hair, Elisa Sednaoui wants to leave the whole scene to the precious turquoise dress, perfect for her, as a soft summer woman with jade green eyes. We would have preferred a more refined beauty look, but after all, even the color and fabric of a dress can “make up” a face. We tear a 7!

Elisa Sednaoui, summer woman, with natural and fresh beauty look, illuminated by a turquoise dress for Elisa Sednaoui, a summer woman, with a natural and fresh beauty look, illuminated by a perfectly matching turquoise dress

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