Red bridesmaid dress: 30 photos for a stunning look


Sophisticated, modern and charming hairstyles for events, balls and weddings are not exclusive to women with long hair. Wedding hairstyles for short hair can be as amazing, modern and structured as they are, and you may be impressed by the result.

Thus, the inspirations can be many and, thinking about it, we have brought 40 beautiful hairstyles for short hair that will delight you:

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Hairstyles for short hair brides

On this special date, many women want the best dress, the best shoes and the best hairstyle. And the hairstyles for short hair are of an impressive beauty.

1. Small arrangements add essential charm to hairstyles


2. Just like barrettes and flowers, which can work well at outdoor weddings


3. Short hair shows beauty, charm and practicality

Jen Curnow

4. And the hairstyle options are very varied

Sarah B.

5. Being able to go from a semi-prey with ornaments


6. Even a classic and very beautiful arrangement

Ester Nadeau

7. Braids are also details that can not be missing

Adelita Space

8. The side hairstyle is a very charming classic

Home Brides

9. And the semi-prey works very well with the short cut


10. Some of the hairstyles for short hair are simply breathtaking

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11. With short cuts you can abuse flowers and arrangements

Bridal Musings

12. The cut enhances other details of your dress and accessories

Jen Curnow

13. And you will be impressed by the result


Short-haired brides are considered modern. The extremely gentle and versatile cut delivers incredible ease and practicality of hairstyles. They are very charming, as well as cute and modern.

Hairstyles for short hair bridesmaids

Bridesmaids also stand out, especially in hairstyle. See models of modern and very beautiful hairstyles made especially for short hair.

14. Colorful straps that match the dress are a charming option


15. And what about this semi-prey with braid and flowers?

Janaina Mendes

16. Side clips are accessories that go well with short hair


17. And they can be small or large, holding the side of the hair

Kristine Chan

18. In addition to the traditional ones, it is also possible to make arrangements with all the hair up

Heather Grabin

19. Mixing elements like braids and flowers can add extra charm


20. And perfect for outdoor weddings

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21. Flowers match any dress style

Rie Miura

22. Like the braids, especially the side ones

Franklin TN Braids

23. Short hair has several possibilities for hairstyles


24. Whatever the length of your cut

Laure de Sagazan

25. You can choose hairstyles that enhance the cut and style

Xara Hair Studio

26. And they will leave you simply delighted

To give

The bridesmaids with short hair are not far behind in the versatility of the hairstyles, and can vary immensely between the various models, from the most beautiful to the most minimalist. They are breathtaking.

Hairstyles for short hair guests

The guests also always look for the best, and with hairstyles it would be no different. The practicality of the short cut can also be seen in the versatility of the hairstyles.

27. For guests, the hairstyle can be more abused and fun

Ashly Rodrigues

28. Ranging between different braids, arrangements and hairstyles

Ezmia Bascon

29. How about a mixture of semi-prey and braids?

Júlia Oliveira

30. Or a mixture of braids inlaid with sweet flowers

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31. The variety of possible hairstyles will impress you

Dondoca Beauty and Cosmetics

32. Abusing side hairstyles is highly recommended


33. Just like flowers and bows, charming accessories that go with everything

Janaina Mendes

34. Speaking of combining everything, this minimalist hairstyle with details is a wildcard

Paisca Space

35. Boxer braids are casual, but can also match weddings


36. And this charming side cornrow is ideal for shorter cuts

Chloé Brown

37. The classic tuft is perfect for all lengths


38. The trapped mechinhas are an extra charm in this sweet short

Beatriz Ribeiro

39. Just like the braided tuft makes your hairstyle even more charming

Charisse Holiday

40. The wide variety of hairstyles, accessories and shapes will make you fall in love

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Damaris Lewis

The guests with short haircuts are queens in innovation, being able to create hairstyles from the simplest and loose to the most perfect arrangements and the most extravagant accessories. They are modern and modern and impress wherever they go.

Hairstyles for short hair step by step

There are a wide variety of wedding hairstyles in short hair, and some of the models can be made at home! We separated 5 videos with step by step for you to do the amazing hairstyles yourself:

3 easy hairstyles for short hair

Bruna Lorhana gives the tip of three different hairstyles for short hair, super simple to do and very fast. You will be enchanted.

3 hairstyles with braids for short hair

Braids are very popular in modern hairstyles, and you can also make them in short hair! Maju Amaral teaches three different hairstyles with braids for short hair

Simple hairstyles for short hair

Flávia Pinho from the channel As Makes da Frá has short, modern and very beautiful hair. She teaches in this video the hairstyles she learned, in a very detailed step by step so as not to miss anything.

Quick hairstyles for short hair

Flávia Pinho also rocks this other video with step by step for quick hairstyles for short hair.

Short hairstyles

If you have a friend who can help you, this video is perfect for you. Supersimple and quick hairstyles for any occasion.

Each hairstyle model is unique and they all convey the freshness and practicality of the short cut.

But remember: it is always important to feel comfortable with your hairstyle above all else. Whether stuck or loose, the short cut can yield incredible hairstyles!

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