Queen Letizia’s trick to look taller and make heels much more comfortable and secure


Of the look that Mrs. Letizia took a few days ago in Seville not only we have stayed with this dress ‘made in Spain’ so beautiful, but also with the trick that we have signed in the shoes. There are few times that we see the monarch choose a shoe other than very high heels, only in those appointments in which the ‘dress code’ is much more relaxed and casual. However, if you were wondering how is it possible that it can hold up and always look perfect with those extra centimeters, we have the answer.

Surely at the time it is to choose a high-heeled shoe for a special occasion, you have thought: better with a wide heel and if it can have a platform, better. However, a shoe of that style does not provide the same elegance and the classic touch that a lounge or stiletto has and what the Queen needs. For this reason, Doña Letizia resorts to adding a mini platform that is almost invisible and that subtracts a few centimeters from the original heel of the shoe. Yes, yes, you read that right.

In her last public appearance, the monarch chose to accompany her blue dress some pumps in nude patent leather by Prada. A very classic design that he has worn on other occasions and that now has worn with a rubber sole that has included in the front of the shoe. A little trick that we have learned thanks to the Instagram profile of @letizia_de_princesa_a_reina and that apparently is not the first time he uses.

Last week, Doña Letizia completed her look with these originals Snakeskin effect pumps with Magrit studs. A design that he has also repeated on more than one occasion and to which, as can be seen in the photograph, he has added a black rubber sole. On this occasion, the result is noticeable much more and is not so camouflaged, but with it he makes his shoes much more comfortable. The most!

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