Queen Letizia rescues the animal print trend so you can take your leopard dresses out of the closet


We can’t help it: we love the
rescue impulse led by Queen Letizia and that allows us, without alibis from the trend, to recover looks from other seasons. Is that, if you think about it, it’s a shame
give up garments that make us feel like a fable simply because they no longer fit what we see in store windows. In fact, if we have learned anything from the most powerful Instagram influencers, it is how they manage to stand out and reaffirm their style by choosing styles and garments that their competitors do not wear. For example, the leopard animal print. It is time to rescue the ‘animal print’.

We continue
the example of queen Letizia, which has rescued one of the looks with the most hype that she wore last summer: a set of blouse and flared skirt of
Victoria Beckham, with a spectacular leopard print. Like almost everything the Queen has in her closet, this look is well worth a ransom, and not just because this outfit goes for around 1,800 euros. The truth is that it fits you wonderfully, and
red pumps by Carolina Herrera they are the perfect counterpoint.

The latter
letizia rescue open the season so that all those ‘animal print’ designs that you bought in past seasons come out of the bottom of the summer wardrobe and that
now you can reuse. Do not fear: if you do not see anyone wearing them, it is not a bad sign, on the contrary. It is time to return them to the streets, following in the footsteps of the luxury brands that also defend them for the summer, such as
Paco Rabanne.

Nieves Alvarez has also taken good note of the benefits of signing up for the
leopard (or any other ‘animal print’) right now. He swept his appearance at a VIP party in Ibiza with a very tight set of turquoise green leopard. It is an advance look for the next Alex Perry season, with which we already verified that
This pattern will continue to be current in the coming months. If you bought the looks with that beautiful blue leopard from H&M, take them out of the archive. They will succeed.

Another good news: you don’t have to limit yourself to the classic and
recurring leopard. All the jungle prints have a free hand:
zebra, snake and even cow. Take advantage of the fact that everyone is very focused on polka dots, vichy or retro 70s ‘prints’ to stand out with a
wild option. You will stand out and succeed.

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