Queen Letizia joins the ruffled trend that is sweeping influencers with her most impressive made-in-Spain looks: from Inés Domecq’s jumpsuit to her new Leyre Doueil midi shirt dress


We do not get tired of repeating it in recent weeks: the ‘made in Spain’ is more in vogue than ever, and there can be no better news for our fashion. The most elegant women of our country inspire us every day with impeccable looks from national creatorsAll you have to do is look at Inés Domecq, our new style icon; in Sofía Palazuelo at her daughter’s christening, in the imposing guests at Belén Corsini’s wedding, or in this great dress by Ana Boyer. However, if there is a standard bearer of our fashion this season, that is Queen Letizia, which adds a perfect ‘made in Spain’ look after another and, after reinventing in the form of a skirt a piece as ours as the Manila shawl, now joins the trend of flyers that is sweeping among influencers.

A few days ago, the Queen surprised at the inauguration of FITUR with which we immediately qualify as her best spring look. Doña Letizia left her comfort zone and gave us a sensational styling thanks to a stunning ecru denim jumpsuit with ruffle detail on the sleeves from The IQ Collection, the signature of Inés Domecq. The applause was unanimous, and perhaps that is why our ‘it queen’ wanted to try her luck with the steering wheels again.

This time it has been in Vitoria, where the Kings have attended the inauguration of the new Memorial Center for the Victims of Terrorism, and Doña Letizia has premiered another honor plate look. Winking at Basque fashion, the Queen has premiered Leyre Doueil dress, a ‘slow fashion’ brand that makes limited edition garments and signs this impressive black midi shirt dress with contrast buttons, bow belt and detail of ruffles on the asymmetric hem and sleeves It costs 295 euros and is available from size 36 to 44.

Doña Letizia could not be more favored with this new dress, to which she has yielded all the prominence of the look (no wonder) and has combined it with her undercut pumps by Carolina Herrera and her retro-inspired Hugo Boss handbag. Undoubtedly, an outstanding ‘made in Spain’ look and a trend that is here to stay in the Queen’s wardrobe.

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