Priyanka Chopra shows us how to wear several shades of pink creating a perfect look for this autumn


Let's recognize it, Many do not love pink, in the full range of possibilities it offers us, from the palest tones to the most powerful ones such as fuchsia. So, in the last look we could see Priyanka Chopra, we see how combine two shades completely different with a lot of style, creating a beautiful set to take advantage of.

Priyanka Chopra 2

The actress has combined a bubblegum pink skirt with white button detail and signature midi length Rebecca Vallance of $ 399, with a fuchsia turtleneck sweater of the same brand with a price of € 329.

As complements, you have chosen some lounges in pink and a handbag square, made in wicker with detail of the fringe in pink of the Rubeus signature It has a price of € 2,000.

Priyanka has shown us again that he is capable of defending any tone and style, creating this time a perfect look to wear this fall and from which to take very good note, especially pink lovers.

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