Princess Leonor and Infanta Sofía join in the colors of summer (and that sweep among the inlfuencers) while Letizia repeats her dress in Santiago de Compostela


Princess Eleanor and Infanta Sofía they do not escape the official agenda, not even in summer. Last week we saw them wearing a white basic t-shirt and jeans in a solo act in which their looks were more than surprising. Before kicking off their holidays in Marivent (where Queen Sofia is already waiting for them) the royal family has almost completely attended
Santiago de Compostela to celebrate the Offering to the Apostle on the Day of Santiago. It is the first year that the daughters of kings attend this event, and it may be one of the last (saving Mallorca’s agenda) for Princess Eleanor, who in September will travel to Wales to study two years abroad.

For the occasion,
princess Eleanor She has taken her Carolina Herrera mini salons out of the closet, which she already wore on the day of her Confirmation and has opted for a fuchsia dress with puffy sleeves up to the elbow and above the knee that matched her mother’s. A very lively color pure trend (especially among influencers) with which we have not seen it before and that suits her wonderfully. The
Infanta Sofia She has also worn a dress, but in blue with a table skirt, short sleeves and a crew neck, which she has accompanied with some of her favorite nude dancers that premiered on her sister’s Confirmation day. In this way, each with their own style, the sisters agreed on footwear, remaining faithful to the simplicity that characterizes them.

Doña Letizia has made use of second dresses and has chosen a transparent body dress with embroidered flowers by Carolina Herrera that she already wore last year. As footwear, it has abandoned its already iconic espadrilles of the summer months and has opted for some Carolia Herrera pumps (which it has in different colors and prints) and a fuchsia bag from the same firm, the Initials Insignia, which she debuted on her trip. To Cuba.

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